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Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Letters from Canada

Letters from Canada

I am still an old school on this aspect and on weekends, I take time to hand-write letters or postcards to people I really care about. If you have received one from me, you really matter :)

Similarly, I have a friend or actually I don't know what to call this person. She is now a friend to me, at one point me was someone special and till date how much I want to avoid talking to her, she still sends me these letters from Canada about her life.

It's like sitting here in India I can get all the updates about her. She has changed, matured and is all grown up now but what make these letter special is the innocence she pens these down with.

Child like filled with smileys and her writing so good that words actually turn out to be stories.

I used to feel that you decide to walk out of something or someone, it doesn't mean that you actually do. The person can make you part of their life irrespective of the stand you take. 

I am still learning to embrace this side of me wherein I shed my strong will image and actually smile at times reading such letter. 

Even the hazelnut brownie or my home made coffee can't make me smile so much I never realized.

During one of NGO visits, I happen to sit and have chat with a 12 year old girl who by the way does amazing paper mache. She made learn or re-learn how to make a boat, an aeroplane a candle and the tippy-tippy tap, if that's what it's called as a Level 1 learner. She writes, every Sunday, 7 letters to her 7 best friends and then posts them.  This is way better, I assume than a whatsapp group chat. She shared with me that though every 7 of them don't reply everytime she sends these letters, but once in a while when she gets a letter it's a beautiful moment!

You don't stop putting in effort if the other person is not your story. They may not be in a chapter or two but they can always be in your story even if they don't want to :) 

Kids teach so much, that we already know, yet we forget since we feel these are now kiddish things but these so called kiddish things are the actual essence of friendships or relationships. 

Write one today... Even if it doesn't come back...

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Bread or paratha

It was raining in Delhi. Like, pouring. Once in a while rains.

We were driving home together from work. In fact, she was driving and I was listening to some of  'my songs' . She had downloaded my playlist for me so I can listen to those songs.

As we were approaching home, since we stayed nearby, she asked me if I wanted to come to her place and we could grab dinner. Too tired to think, I said, yes! Rains make me just loose the focus. At times :) 

When we entered her home, it was all peaceful. Her parents were off to Jaipur for a wedding. The maid was on leave that day which angered her. So, we had a choice. Either we order in or she makes something interesting for the two of us.  Yes, she did get angry often. This made her look even cuter.

Well, as I put my cell phone on charging and grabbed a book to read, she gave me a danger look.

In between all of this, my cell phone had an incoming call. On the other side, there was someone who was also cute and we kind a looked cute together.

She asked me if I am free to come home for dinner. She was an amazing cook. She loved cooking and her passion was so intense she used spend hours in the kitchen on weekends.

We worked well as a team. I used to write food reviews and she used to tell me more the about what goes into the food.

She was making parathas and not just any parathas. Stuffed parathas which were light on oil and had healthy ingredients.

In the interim, the anger lady had managed to get on with the dinner. 

As I like, I usually try to help in whatever way I can in the kitchen. She didn’t know cooking at all. In fact she never liked cooking. So she told me that she can make bread butter and if at all I say a yes, this will be the first time she’ll make one.

Interesting choices and options life gives us. 

Which one would I have picked?

Bread or paratha!!

PS: This story is not necessary of me or about me.

Sunday, March 24, 2019

Spotting the real Tiger

People do ask me what is it like having a sibling or not having one.
Well, you can't even the sunrise and moon rise the same time!

Having people in your life is a tricky blessing. If you are careful you make the tricky part easy and if you are not, then' let's just count the blessings :)

Siblings make value relationships a bit more.They also make you mature early, think for others before you think for yourself and more importantly, siblings have your back.

Not having a sibling, can make you grow up valuing everything a bit more. You need to run your own show and this means you are independent way early.

It's also interesting to note that respecting people, irrespective of having a sibling or none is something you need to learn fast. Respecting makes you humble and grounded.

When the sun shines it's not just the light we get. It's the life we see all around.

During one of my recent visits to Jim Corbett, I met with an elderly guide who was showing us the circuit to spot a tiger. He, in the true Rajasthani spirit, greeted us with folded hands and added as 'Sahab' to our first names. He was knowledgeable and yet so full on passion about the tiger reserve and the hospitality of Rajasthan that I personally spotted the real tiger in real, in person.

Besides the scenic beauty all around, I took this as an another lesson that no matter what you do and where you come from, giving respect is something that still not goes out of fashion and there are some people who genuinely do it from the heart! With or without siblings :P

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Saturday, March 23, 2019

The Busy Bees who Keep Buzzing

Life has been (un) fair to all of us, at some points. 
But then that's what life is all about. 

Often during my "#MeTimes" I happen to think deep about some of the people that I have met so far in this journey. They amaze me. Some were broken, some were looking for casual sex, some were desperate to be with someone like them, some keenly wanting a worthy relationship, some who were still trying to figure out what is it to be loved and then there were some who just swung by thinking let's see how this works and what if it really does work~!

We take so many turns and twists that we get exhausted in the process and then start blaming life or the people in this life. At the start, all we are looking is for a target to blame things on. Not even thinking for once that we were equally responsible for our actions and our thoughts. 

Then there is this digital world we all live in and get connected with. A simple 'like' from an unknown stranger or a comment from a known enemy can actually channel our thoughts and our entire day!

People, mostly these days showcase themselves as the busiest of the lot who are the only game-changers trying to create an impact. Sad!

In my journeys, all I have learnt everyday is "respect" is always earned by giving the same back. Never ever belittle people whom you don't think highly about. As you grow in life, try to be more calmer, more giving and yes, less of an over-thinker. Help people cut one bad thought and more, give back to the community you are a part of. 



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