Exclusive Product Launch - Nivea Men Body Deodorizer

When you are a keen follower of fashion and lifestyle in particular, you tend to be in the elite space as you are experiencing products /  brands first hand .  It’s the journey to the product reveal which I think matters the most since the amplification will come from this only .  

Hence , brands which manage to create this friction , win the space. 
Often as Indians we love poking our nose into almost anything and everything.  So , when I was asked to participate and experience firsthand to what all length people go to help save themselves from body odour I was taken aback.  

This is a key topic and a sensitive one.

Blogadda ensured that this was done in a much more fun way of sorts by using the proven technique of clues and guess . The virtual world was linked to the offline world by the use of a #sniffsniff and leading fashion bloggers of India were invited to be a part of this journey . 

The product reveal was done in three clue steps with each clue coming in a day or two from the other to help one connect the dots.

Clue 1 – This was blue rectangular packet with a  picture card(with a Man's face) and a cloth clip strategically placed on it! And , I was able to guess what is it that we are heading into .

Clue 2 – Coffee as a drink can awake a dead man, like they say and hence coffee beans have a strong odour killing effectiveness.  The coffee bean bag was done neatly in a cute bag with a handful of coffee beans.  However, a deo or a soap with coffee in it  - not actually my cup to taste.

Clue 3- The  clue (a strange looking mask) was also a pretty straight forward one and closed all thoughts that may be riding on the suspense. The product had to be related to a deodorant of sorts and it would take a brand of repute to crack this one.

Finally, coming to the product, Nivea Men Body Deodorizer is pitched as India's first Body Deodorizer which has a revolutionary, yet skin friendly deodorizing formula that prevents the formation of odour at it's source.

There are two variants which are available in the market-Ice Cool (the one I received) and Energy .

Thank you Nivea for this wonderful product and Blogadda for having me a part .

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