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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Monday Morning Melodious

Today , as was still in my dreams at an unknown destination with a known person  , I got a loud beep on my cell . The message was from a dear friend from the US for an upcoming call in the next five minutes.

Still rubbing off my eyes and thinking what could have possibly gone wrong ( the negative human that we all are ) or what possible I could do sitting in India various thoughts started oscillating in my mind.

By the time I could figure out what had happened, the call came in .  And guess what. On the other side there was this friend (for a lack of name and to avoid any further queries )  let’s call this person as -  Riya .   She sung a melodious Aarti which she just learnt and to top it all on the piano.  

What beautiful a sight can be to hear a melodious voice that too an Aarti from far away on an early Monday morning.  I felt like I was in a different air all together . These gestures, random calls without a reason make you feel all alive and kicked about. When people do things without a linked benefit or an outcome expected out of it, it just simplifies your thinking and the very existence of you .

The day , the moment we start having expectations from people that’s the signal that we are headed onto a wrong path . It’s not bad not to have expectations but it’s unfair to link them with other dots. I have now realized for a fact there is just as much sugar as you can put into anything – be it a friendship ,  a relationship or even a battle with your toughest of the opponents.  

Say thanks to those who entered into your life and made you feel important. Thank those who listened to you which made you feel like you were worth it.  And also say thanks to those who left and made you understand that nothing lasts forever . You may be far away and not in touch with your dearest of friends but taking time out ( which I am sure you can ) and wishing them on their birthdays ( by calling ) will not only take you back to those happy times but will also do something similar to your friend .

As most of us love surprises and being an Aquarian ,  I too . So when I got this big box of goodies from someone dear far away in Mumbai I was taken aback. It was a mixed feeling since I never knew where we stood in life . And when I opened the box I did feel a small tear rolling down . It’s a feeling which you can’t describe when you are being taken care in such a way without anything in return . It just redefines life and you as a person.

So the next time , when you feel you are putting in a lot of effort into something  or you are the only one who is going the extra mile , sit back and get some ‘me’ space . You take my word – all this is not worth it because no one but your heart knows when it feels loved and taken care of . There are better and nicer people out there and when the time is right , things will fall in place . Till then enjoy the journey .

Linking back to astrology , when you were born it was because there was  a specific combination of energies , nakshataras and planets  at certain positions favorable for your arrival.  Similarly , all key events in your life will happen when the puzzles complete a picture .

As for Riya , in case you watched Hum-Tum , the lead characters in that case also were -  Riya and Karan .But nothing would have worked if it was not for the beautiful  audience ( which in this case are you  - my reader ).

Thanks to those who love me , you make my heart go fonder …..


Anonymous said...

Hey u write really well :) don't know about the girl whom you have mentioned in ur blog understand your feelings... But look around there are ppl who really admire you or say like you...just that may b they are shy so can't express themselves. Some is waiting for u may be....

Karan said...

@ Anonymous - Thank you for taking time out and sharing your views . As they say if you never ask the answer is always no and hence these 'shy' people need to stand up and speak up. I will be all ears for sure :)

ladyfi said...

So true - gratitude makes life better.

Karan said...

@ ladyfi - Echo that .

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