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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Youngistaan Ka WOW

If you were the game master, what challenge would you like to throw to Ranbir?

Well,any game or a challenge is designed keeping in mind certains conditions :

  • the game master;

  • the contestant(Ranbir);

  • the product(Pepsi); and

  • a three tier link between the above three which makes a perfect formula for success

The challenge should be such that it :

  • grasps the audience attention

  • is interesting

  • relates well with the product / theme

  • stronger brand recall


Beach Challenge.To spot twin - dolphins [ usually dolphins travel in groups.However there are certain who travel in pairs only.Spotting them is a tough thing to do ] 

Ranbir would require to follow them ,both, which in turn guide and lead him too a hidden treasure of "Pepsi".

It's not easy.The dolphin's too like Pepsi and it would take certain skills - [ singing a song , playing with them, giving them a product similar to Pepsi [ a competitiors ,may be ] which the Dolphin refuse .

The entire theme of making up to the Dolphin in return of the hidden treasure would serve a strategic purpose.

  • People love dolphin's . They are simply cute. So is Ranbir.

  • The color of water and the entire theme matches with Pepsi's base color - Blue.

  • Blue also symbolizes: youth, spirituality, truth and peace. All these , which the generations of today "youngistaan"  looks up to.

  • Presenting such a challenge is something which all can watch and the "word-of-mouth" in such things is great for a higher brand recall.

There are of course modifications possible.However if you imagine an entire picture of the challenge being performed by Ranbir , I am sure you will be left with a smile and a desire to grab a Pepsi right away.


Lakshmi Rajan said...

Quiet interesting...! like treasure island hunt n symbolic! best of luck :)

Karan said...

@Lakshmi - Thank you for your appreciation.I have tried to give in three perspectives - the "customer" , the "marketer" and the "role" players.

Arif said...

Quiet interesting. This will also gives an eco-friendly image to Pepsi!

BTW, check out the visual of Ranbir jumping from the Bandra Worli Sea Link shouting WOW WOW WOW and gulping down a can of Pepsi! Do write your comment/feedback at:

pravin nair said...

Hey karan quite well thought!all the best to you!

Pls do check my not so wow post at:

Karan said...

@Arif - Thanks for your appreciation.

@Pravin - Thank you so much.All the best to you as well.

illegalbriefs said...

Wow! That's an insane lesson in branding. Me likey!

There. I scratched your back, now scratch mine...
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Farila said...

I had missed visiting your blog... Good idea.
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