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My second visit outside the SIC CAMPUS – first being the outbound session at Sinhagad.

So, where was this second visit- PANCHGANI.

It’s called as Moral Re-armament Camp (MRA)

So, what does it mean….that I am still figuring it out!!

First things first.

After putting in a lot of hard work (besides me, myself and friends, number of other factors also go into the exam preparation) SIIB allows us to rejuvenate ourselves after a stressing tenure of exams.


Hill station, with loads of trees,pure air,matchless ambience and no tensions….makes everyone happy ….so was I.

Panchgani is a beautiful place. I don’t know if it’s valid for the entire region or for the place where we went – ASIA PLATEAU.

But, it’s so divine.

From Pune it takes a close 3 hours depending upon certain factors to reach Asia Plateau.

The journey is smooth and when friends are around time flies.

The day we reached we were welcomed…..let me guess, not welcomed but rather given a series of sessions which we were R…

Journeys are memorable !!!

Now it’s not my fault if I meet good people on my way!!

Same thing happened this time.

June 4 was the day I left Delhi for Pune. No way similar, to Karishma leaving Abhishek for Sunjay!!

And whom I met it’s already been written,earlier.

NOW, October 25 was the day I was earmarked to go to Delhi.

See, after so long SIIB gives time to its “brand ambassadors” to go home.

As it was Diwali time needless to say the very reliable Bhartiya Rail was out of tickets.

Thanks to my lovely people in Delhi, they somehow managed to get two tickets. (Me and my roomie).

Yes, waiting tickets!!

But, they were close to 100% sure that it would be confirmed.

I was more than sure!

But, it not always happens as the way you like it to be.

So, whatever may be the reasons we were UNCONFIRMED :-( (May be diwali time, Friday.....)

Believe me; going to Delhi after a long time, close 28 hours journey, you can't expect anything wrong to happen.
But, MBA’s are made to be flexible and positive at all times. (We had no other opti…

-Mini Punjabb -

Day - Sunday 03 August , 2008.

My watch says - 10:49 pm.

We had classes till 7 pm :-( decided to go out for khana. And rest they say is history.

Starts -

Just came back.....from ? ? wait wait...........batata hoon....chill !!

Me , Nimit and Ronny (roomies) were desperate to "GO-OUT" for some Ghar ka khana. Aha....kitna acha hota tha ghar ka khana.....yummy....

Now,we had zeroed in on one place-called as " GHAR KA KHANA".Loads was expected.But,I guess,we weren't expected.

Went there and vola ! The gates were closed !! F***** .....yes !! the stars were laughing and so were we . :-(

Now what the hell !!

[Ek toh mein hardly "bahar khane"ko jata hoon....and then this thing is closed.

OK."Ghar ka khana"goes into the recycle bin .As of Now.]

No second chances....I am Karan - remember me ?

Now where ? Well,Ronny was out...out as in out of he wanted or rather made sure that none was going back to the hostel mess.

And striked....…

Life Rocks @ a different place ...........still.....

No worries !!
I am here !! I am back !!
There was / may be , still a brief stay or hault but that's the way life is !! :-)
A lot has gone by in the few fast forward weeks.
A lot more is still awaited :-)
So where was I or rather where I might be ..... that only 2 persons can tell - Karan and God !!
So I am here , why disturb god !!

@ Train Journey
It was a long journey .... a fatiguing one but as I always say you never pass judgements so quickly !!
So We were 4 people...and then there was this sweet bubbly girl - MIND IT ...a lawyer in making.... wow !! These days you don't find that a sweet bubbly lawyer girls :-)
Besides being a sweet girl the one thing which I liked was the fact that her Dad was an IPS !! man !! I love/respect/admire/ these IAS /IPS people. The real India.

The journey was long...very long...and Indian trains you "FAST" they are ...
From evening assorted voices started doing the rounds......which contuniued till we got down at our destination..…

Marriages - The lost "charm"

Old is gold !! So, you never ward of the clutter from your household ??

May be yes may be not !! That's a personal choice........or a family selection...

I don't know WHY ,but,of lately,in the gone-by year 2007 I myself have witnessed or rather seen a number of people who are still - UNMARRIED ?? !!

huh !! No . They are not waiting for me. Neither they are doing anything that high that they are fending off this "grand" celebration.

So,what is it. that is / has , blocked there path to this wonderful institution ?? I have no clues .


Girls,mostly, are nearing / have crossed the age mark of 25.
This apart , some have even skipped over the 35 + mark.

Why ? Why so late ? What's the reason ?

There are an infinity of them -->



"MIG"ration - move to move

Ever marveled as to why do we walk ? What is the movement all about ? Is it really required ? Can't life be easy and smooth ? Why change ? Why keep on locomoting? Give it a thought. Use your top power.

Change is here.Change is essential .You change everyday as the milieu around you switches. These are some of the old banalities that you took heed ,time and again.

Lets start with the "online" part(since its fast and used even faster). Earlier ,it was hotmail,aol and the likes....then came in yahoo and now gmail. Changed your email. Blogging started off with blogspot now it's flip-flopping towards wordpress. Orkut,then came facebook ,wayn....and another set of "buddy webs".

Earlier you used rediff/yahoo messengers .Now ,please come on Gtalk. WHY ? WHY change ? Why keep alternating ?

What is / was the primary need of such things ? TO BE IN TOUCH. STAY CONNECTED. Someone says dating,making new friends...... Now when you log in and see your orkut - 600+ friends…

Change -- We believe In

Took time ! Yeah !! It did !! Blogging is not an easy walk.

Have you ever wondered that "someone" whom you never met before ( till the day they meet you) ,"someone" whom you never thought off actually comes and takes you by a stride.

"Someone" tells you something and you listen to them with apt attention. "Someone" might ask you to change or may not even say anything but the feeling remains within you that there is something to say.

This is friendship.These are relations. This is love. This is life.

I often think that when parents say something to me regularly ,what friends suggest me to do ,I never do. As in , it takes time to be performed.And then one day this "someone " comes ,tells me and vola !! I do it ~~

Why ? What was it that I immediately agreed about to this "someone" ?
Is it that I don't listen to my parents or I don't value the comments of my friends. ?
NO. It's just that it doesn'…

Which one are you going 4 ?

MOVIES- PICTURE - What is the kick-off thing or perchance the terminal one that peeps into your top story aka mind. Well,everyone might have there own stipulative definition of a movie / flick - a good one or a bad one . Also,varied reasons to watch one. And....lets the timing also important ? For me -YES. Some watch it because they have been inclined to hear/see some sort of a taradiddle,grandma's style. To start with one of the primary reasons to watch a movie is be exact-DISCONNECT. In this demanding life of today,everyone needs some time out or rather trick some time out from there not so-happy schedule of the day and invest in watching a movie. A good valid excuse. This helps them to just focus , be chilled out,be at pace,and think about there own problems by the way of watcing the movie screening.Some actually sleep....for them rest is important. But,do you think every movie teaches you something ? There is somehing good about it always ?Well,n…

Before you say I do.....WAIT !

As the big day comes closer , your heart races with excitement each time you think of it and the married life that awaits you.Who has the time to spare serious thoughts for any PRE-MARITAL MEDICAL TESTS and Counselling ?

Well,don't take them lightly.If you really want to do everything you can to ensure your happily -ever after ,doctors recommend that your partner and you go in for some pre-marital health tests or even counselling.

By and large, pre-marital medical tests are easily categorised into three types -




Bringing up these tests with your partner may be a delicate issue.However,it would be foolish to assume that neither of you have been sexually active and hence carry no risk of any sexually transmitted infection. An HIV-AIDS test is a MUST,though it's a delicate topic to broach for yo…

Amritsar and the journey

Left Delhi at night...had to...because its better to reach in the morning when the university opens up and people are still somewhat fresh ! University ? Huh ! Needed some documents from my Engg. Univ. :-) Took the train - Golden Temple mail - the name was a relief....but,inside was more..... Had a side lower berth, so,was happy....BUT THERE WERE LADIES BANG OPPOSITE MY BERTH ! GOSH ! I NEED TO SLEEP. So,they were 5 of them ( 4 ladies and 1 old father like person) To my dismay he spoke more than the combined 4.

Topics - All worth unworthy. I started with my food-home made,[so that I am one job less to do].So had to be good ! After listening to a few songs,browsing through my magazines and preparing to sleep....BANG !there came the packet filled with - ACHAAR AMRITSARI down!

It was saved. Don't thank me !! And then opened up the pitara of punjabi khana-lots of them....can't tell you.....I was already through with my dinner :-(...It was 11:00 pm..and THERE dinner started.....ate m…

HAVELI -the original one

Though my trip was very short....A sweet friend of mine from Jalandhar.....told me to must visit -HAVELI. Haveli - is a Traditional Punjabi Veg. Dhaba.THATS IT.
You have to see yourself what kind of a "dhabba" is it ! Centrally AC,folk themes all around ,great ambeince,neatly clad punjabi attired waiters.....and the jatt durbans.

I loved the place.....very well done......also has TATA TRUCK at the reception....and a seating arrangement called"-MACHAN"...all is good in here.... Outside....they have a small set up of a punjabi village and folk culture..... YES ! You need to buy a ticket....and then are shop selling punjabi jutti's + gabru shirts(425 only :-( ) + other collectable items... for kids a place called - KILKARIAYAN" . I didn't go ! :-(
The washrooms have neatly engraved door signs saying - GABRU & MUTIYAAR.

The best part[must try] are - sweet lassi,dal wala paratha's....chatti di las…

Pune पुणे

Likhna hai.....kya likhoon......kya bacha hai.....kya tha.....hmm......lets see agar kuch mil jata hai.....

Let's talk about my recent Pune visit -

Well, I may not be the best person on insights on Pune , but would like to share my experience .Visited Pune,for the first time for the -second round .Stayed at a place very near to the railway station - Shivaji Nagar. First thing noticed was - No helmets !! Speeding vehicles zooming in from every corner. Chaos ! Girls or to be more refined - Females, wearing a "Refined"version of a "Hijab"(Kattar muslim women wear to cover there head). Almost all are clad in this .Top it all,they wear,no scope left to see the faces !! There was a reason for wearing one - Pollution and protection against Sun and Dust !! Accepted !Next,a word called as " Peths" was doing the rounds. Peth is the general name for a locality in old Pune..some female said ! Some of the Peths are named after the days of the week. OK. g…

Our Mother - The Earth

Yes ! She's the one who actually handles you and gives you whatever you need.
Ever realised , what did she asked in return from you ? NO.
Who has the time to even give a thought about her needs.......So,busy.....we all alone she always was.

How many of us recall that we recently celebrated EARTH DAY ? EARTH DAY - WHAT'S THAT ,dude ? Was it a holiday ? Never heard about it ?

Poor you.......This what we call sheer lack of concern.Ask you when is the next Indo-Pak cricket match...bang comes in the reply

Earth Day is held every year on the - 22 April . REMEMBER IT THE NEXT TIME.

What were you suppose to do ? Virtually NOTHING . Practically EVERYTHING.

From Tokyo to Togo, to the flagship event on the National Mall in Washington, DC and 7 other U.S. cities,from Kuwait to New Delhi, millions of people around the world were united behind a Call for Climate, the "global warming action" theme. Hundreds of events were popping up all over the globe and April 22 would be a memo…

Birthdays - Either you remember before time or next year on time !

Costa Coffee ....on of my deary they say a lot can happen over a cup of coffee....remember. A LOT.
Kind of a make-break situation.... :-)

Sunday evenings are usually free , so was out with my gang.....abridged in number....was enjoying my regular one ....and then...

A couple ( according to me when A men and A women are together for a coffee cup better to call them as a company rather than individuals )....came in. Looked like it was there usual rendezvous.

Since, light travels faster than sound,people appear brighter before you hear them speak.,they sat somewhat next to us and even before the AC could cool them off...she started......."This is the second time in two years .You missed it again ."

Generally,its a "gandi-baat" to listen to people's talk, but when they say at "surround" sound's the ears catch them .LOUD AND CLEAR.

Thought,he missed it again by not asking her father about there future. :-)

(...Apne beti ka haath mujhe …

Jab "they" Met

First came a call ....then a wedding the sweet box......?? Foxed ! I was !

But,not for so long.I figure out things quite fast.QUITE,indeed. So,my good old "bat-ball" friend and my Big B was getting married ! I thought since it was April,so I may be heading towards becoming a -"Bakra",anytime. But,its not always true what you think. So,hold your thoughts ..

Yes.He was.How could he ? So soon ? ok ......not that soon.....but still.......

So,the next question or rather conformation was "who's that girl" ?? You never know when people say...No. No girls.Its a....... Better left than said.

So,it was her.....yes....yes......I remember....but,how did this all happen ? So soon ?

The story goes back to one of my deary places - Rajasthan ! [Whenever you in India ,do visit this state.....and for those who are here....whatz kiboshing you ? ]

Raj(aka Rajnesh) met Rashmi at one of our trips to Jaipur.The place where we stayed was near her home. Sometimes,it…


I have always respected the people who serve the nation. These are the really heroes.
On my way to Mumbai, I had the privilege of sitting with a Major who was travelling to meet his family. He was impressive,as they always are. We shared some good thoughts and he narrated an incident to me of his army training days.

He told me that in Army training you get up at 4 am and do your shave. EVERYDAY. uddi baba

Once,he was on top of a hillock for some activity work where he thought no one would come to check .Also ,his commanding officer was not in at the base camp. So,he thought lets LEAVE THE SHAVING TODAY.

Little did he knew what awaited him .In the noon , a chopper having his CO AND GOC-C came to there camp. Everyone was called in. -See this is what happens when you think you're so smart.-

The CO asked the Major why he hasn't shaved . He was mum.
The CO told him to get a stone ( not a "pathar") and bring it in. Major went out ,bought in the stone .The CO ordered "rub th…


Many of my "personal"gang members always come up to me and say -

"Yaar - Ek ladki hai.Bahut pasand karta hoon.But she's a Muslim". END.
"Dost- There is a project manager of mine whom I really like.Only problem is she's too OLD. (agewise) .She also likes me,but ,kambhakht age ! I am 6-7 years younger to her. END.
"Karan-There is someone whom I met online. Chatted ,exchanged numbers and now,we great friends.May be we can settle down.But her parents want to her to get married this year.I need to do my PG and will be in a positon to say yes ,after two years only . END.

These are just some of the taglines people use. If you take a look ,evenly,all these stories....ok.... relations have ENDED.

Why ? What happened ? Where did it went wrong ? What will happen now ?

Huh ! Lots of questions.....

See,it all depends upon you ! You're the ONE who started , who felt happy, who spent time with the other and now you're in a deadlock. So,any easy way out - YES . …

Parents.Who am I to say....ANYTHING

An associate of mine at work- Suparna,recently,left home ! NO.She didn't got married ! Neither was she planning to do sometime soon :-)

She needed someone to talk and there was - Karan .She had a terrible argument with her parents over some issues ( you can guess....the problems of our "NEW" next-gen people).
And she did not bow down.

Instead said all she could to her parents and made them feel as if they were nothing and she no longers needs them now.Out they can go.

What did I suggest ! ? Ha.....I gave her a tight slap....No.I felt like giving one.

I just asked her one thing - DO YOU LOVE YOUR PARENTS ? She took app. 3 minutes to answer.Can you imagine -I saw. This was the real problem. She lost it.

How can / could one require TIME to say -I love my parents.


The real problem was as always communication. If you dont talk / share truly ,then better shut up.She wanted to express…

Vikrant and or may be H.

Vikrant aka Viks is a friend of mine.Got through an Architecture College in Delhi. Facebook came in.
He joined the newly formed community of his new college. Interacted with some fellow members and SENIORS or "baapji" as they are called. Liked a senior who happens to be smaller in age than him.Sit down.Chill ! Just 1 year. H-->Harpreet - He got confused so did I. Punjabi names are baffling ,sometimes. She's a girl !
He initiated the talk ,started talking about here and there and ENUFF.She thought that he was so desperate to be a friend of her's and pat came the reply ! I am your senior and......STOP ! Poor Viks......what wrong did he do if he wanted to talk to her , have friendship with her,may be help her in someway....all pious thoughts.......he initiated ,he added,he talked...and did all possible things he could ...but,all went for a SIX ! Ah ! It Sux - such is life dearies...people ( GIRLS ) take you wrong here many times ! I never seem to understand -WHY ? What…

VARANASI ( Banaras ) - The city of ' thugs ' until Modi ji wins

Many people would fume over the title - I did.But,this is a FACT.

Commonly known as Benares or Banaras  /  Kashi city , lies where the Varuna and Assi rivers,in its north and south, respectively, flow into the river Ganga.

Came to the city for some personal work and the first impression what I got was - 'LOOT MACHA DO'.

The main culprits of this "title" are the 'auto rickshaws and cycle rickshaws' folks . They charge what they feel like.They instantly recognize that you're an outsider & so 'LOOT LO'.

People from the un"glamoured" parts of the country come here to work.But,they have actually degraded the city . They argue with you and yes , they wont bow down that easily.

WORST PART is you just can't travel without them.

The roads are all bloody red- HOW ? Because of the world famous "BANARSI PAAN" . People eat this 24*7 ,spit and then again eat . The roads are the best places to do the honors & and then there is traffic …

Nights - Is it really dark outside..... ???

Now this is for our aam junta.....Bole toh Public

Nights - RAAT...
I know.....many things stirke in and out of your mind....the second you here the word - NIGHT.

Aaj ki raat,night outs,raat ka nasha........and and......list goes on.

But,there is more to Nights just as there is another sky above the blue one.

In todays "Kalyug" thing have change ,so have the nights. It's lost its "original charm" and regained the "not so wanted" status. In India,things are always ahead.Be the minds,the thoughts and yes,the Nights !

A recent increase in the number of "dark"incidents have let many a think -
According to me,DEPENDS. Depends on what safety you are really talking about ?

We can't have Police/armed guards for everyone.Even the ones who have are more in danger than the formers. So,it all comes back to YOUR ALERTNESS or in Indian term - vigilance !

A heavy word....huh....

Some recent occurrences in and around NCR and in…

Return Journey !

This was the best part of the trip !
SWARNA SHATABDI -what better way to come to DELHI from Jalandhar than a Shatabdi.
It leaves Jalandhar at 6:05 pm....and reaches Delhi at 11:00 pm.

I got a WS (window seat)yyyiippeee....
But,a short lived there are two seating types in the train -
row 1 - 2 seats PASSAGE 3 seats
I was in the 3 seats one WS.
When I saw,there was a family of three already sitting down...parents and a "cute"daughter'...thought they had gone but,I also was not safe....cute baby...

The little girl told me "aap wahan beth jao....plz.....I love this seat.....and what did I say....WHEREZ YOUR SEAT,BABE !

It was just next in the 2 one's and yes a WS.
I was more than happy to make her happy!
~was waiting that who was to sit with me in the side seat ~


Jumpin was served , mineral water,a hot samosa and a sweet from Amritsar's famous NOVELTY SWEETS - old memories sweetly comes by........... yummmy

We reached Ludhiana....old memories,again :-(

and …