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Rahul Yadav - The real Yoddha

Last week was a little too sad.  At times you know and feel that we all are merely helpless souls.
Rahul Yadav - an ex student of SIMS, Pune , a fellow batch mate & a blogger, lost his third battle against cancer. While its loss to near and dear ones, in his hard battle against life and death he left everyone around him & more, stronger and braver.
While he was in this, he started a community based group called Yoddhas.
Rahul was suffering from multiple myloma - a cancer of plasma cells.  
In this battle he was an inspiration to everyone. Being diagnosed with such a rare disease he still managed to fight and hold on. Its times like these I have hardly anything to say or share. Be it best doctors, best treatments, best wishes, we all are simply too less in power in comparison to the almighty above us. While he has left a void which never can be filled, together on behalf of everyone, wish and pray that wherever he is, may he be showered with all the blessings and love.