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Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Travel Diaries & more - Make it count

Everytime I travel, I look forward to meeting new people. New places as well can be explored but what is home without humans!?

Off late, besides the flights getting delayed, I like to reach the airport ahead of my scheduled departure timing & sit around in the lounge & read or chit-chat. Works for me.

Last week was fun & yet a bit hectic. During one of my lounge visits I hosted a dear friend ( though exactly for 15 minutes ) for a small #CoffeewithKaran session & off he had to go. In those 15 minutes we spoke in true blue corporate styles. First 5 minutes updates from him and I sipped my hot chocolate and then the next 5 minutes updates from my side.  The remaining 5 minutes were spent on discussing  ' better than before'  .

During my flight I met an amazing doctoral student or a fellowship candidate as she likes to be described. She was pursing her close 4 years doctor fellowship from a premium institute and such was her focus that she decided not to get married irrespective what society shares or tells her. We discussed some common and uncommon topics and she made me thinking its important to pursue your dreams and take hard-calls. Mostly, when you don't want to.

Market visits for me are way of not only knowing 'what is not working' for your brand but the most important way to meet, greet and hear experiences from your consumers. During my many market visits I happen to meet firebrand sales people, distributors, channel partners & young colleagues entering into corporate life. 

At times, I often get questions and queries from people all around what does it take to be a marketing manager. While I am still a learner, together with & we have curated+prepared a series of short and shareable videos that give my learning's and insights over the years. You can check them out here - Link

I am a firm supporter and believer of sharing experiences and learning's and I try on my part to continue doing so.

With the festive season around and festive marketing campaigns all in the pipeline, make sure you do your bit in cheering someone around! #Makeitcount


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