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Sunday, July 9, 2017

Happy Birthday - 2 times

Happy Birthday ! These two words always make you smile- when you say them or hear them. That's the power.

Some people are genuinely happy having you by their side in the journey of life.

What's even more interesting are the relationships that you develop with such people. Some unsaid and some unheard.

I have 2 people whom I have known for close a decade now. And the best part about it is, we haven't ever met in person neither we speak that often. In fact, the only time we speak or talk or connect when are wishing the other person 'Happy Birthday' . In a nut-shell we only speak twice in a year and yet we are in touch. We are usually the first to wish and share birthday greetings.

Strange! I honestly don't have an answer. This struck me over the weekend when on of these person was having a birthday and I wished. And we ended up chatting how we have managed to stay in touch and never miss a birthday.

What exactly will you call such a connect?! I don't know, may be some may not even call it as a connect. I also am not sure if there are such connects with other people or is it just me.

Ever changing world and every busy equations yet 2 people do take time to greet and wish each other even if its 2 times a year.

I assume, some connects are w/t names and you should let them just flow.

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WritingsForLife said...

Yes, these occasions gives us a reason to talk to someone we might not otherwise think of talking to. I have always been a strong supporter of celebrating life's milestones.