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Monday, November 20, 2017

Inside Meena Bazaar

I am sure many of you have would have taken some time out to visit a placed called as Meena Bazaar. Before you jump the gun on this one, hold on!

This place in my terms is a boutique chain where women ( and females ) are genuinely happy. And so is the staff. 

The interesting range of clothes, for all occasions with options to spoil you are all available. The staff here are old running members who in less than 2 minutes can actually predict if you are going to buy anything or not. If yes, you are treated like super cool celeb- tea, coffee or a cold drink and you have it all. If no, they will make you buy any which way.

Though for me personally, this place is a challenging option. What do I do here ? You can't keep on staring females around you. The service folks look into your eyes and smile and say - Are you paying by Samsung Pay, sir. Get ready!

During one of my recent visit I made it a point to notice what were the males doing. While some were just browsing on their smartphones, others were pulling up chairs for their partners to sit or just giving views and inputs why the green looked a little better than the pink. People who had adorable kids, were busy any which way. Then there were some newly married folks where you could sense the 'not so cool camaraderie' . Both were trying their level best to talk and share though.

The next in line were the men who were actually shopping all by themselves. That's big. 
One of them actually gave me an insight about Zardozi -  Zar ( meaning gold ) and Dozi ( meaning embroidery ) and I was super impressed. This person had a couple of stores in Jaipur and nearby areas and was a regular. He invited me to visit his place sometime.

While I did get my cold coffee but it can be so much fun to just observe what people do in places like these. What made me happy was the 'men' were all  support for their 'women' . 

That's what I call as genuine care and teamwork!

PS -  What was #karansayz doing here. That's for some other time :)

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