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Saturday, April 8, 2017

An 'Ex' makes a comeback !

During one of my recent corporate flights, I happened to connect with an e-commerce industry veteran and out of the many things that we spoke about, Shopclues was one of them.

While I try myself to be away from the stories or the controversies that surround Shopclues today, I couldn't help but think can two people, married or at one point seeing each other, be in a professional work space or a similar ecosystem. In the case of Shopclues, Radhika and Sandeep or Sanjay!

The flight was a new feeling and while the honorary leader went for an early sleep, I thought of writing and sharing my thoughts. The flight attendant was sweet enough to get me my hot chocolate.

Before jumping onto an answer, if I can put myself to the test, how would I react. This is fictional ;) , Karan I tell you!

Hypothetically, if me and my ex are in a similar work ecosystem or by the nature of our work again start interacting it will be a not so pleasant scenario. Deep down, a part of us has died and the other has moved on. For both. 

No matter what and where is our current relationship headed, its tough to be again in the same space. We are humans after all and not that easy to move on. 

But this is a personal side. 

If you are a professional, understand and appreciate that its the work that made you two come together and both of you should play to your strengths and get things moving and running at ease.

Whatever has happened is past and the present needs you two to work together for a larger good. At one point in time you may have had strong feelings for each other but its perfectly fine to be mature enough to move ahead and be happy for the other person.

Strong people rarely have an easy past.Surrender to what is. Let go of what was. Have faith in what will be.

I have learnt, out of the many things, that never let your emotions overpower your intelligence. The same rule holds ground here as well.

The view outside of the night sky with shimmering lights is always a beautiful sight. The world is a nice place and your outlook can make your space and the world around you much better....

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