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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Hot tea at a cool place

There is something 'special '  in 'rains' that makes everyone smile .For different reasons though . 

During one my recent travel trips , we took a detour , stopped our  vehicle at a small -kind a cute , well lit and neat tea stall . Normally or abnormally I like being spontaneous - it helps in more than ways . Breaks free from the otherwise stressed and strained life and also helps you do things you want to , for sure. 

As we entered the tea stall , a middle aged server smiled at us , greeted us in the local dialect and made sit in the ' best area ' that was available . This spot was overlooking a beautiful white water fall coming from lush green mountain ranges with white snow capped peaks . 

People in this part of the world ,love 'putting in a lot of sugar ' , dil kholke . The tea was amazing and he served fresh home made momo's  steamed .   Possibly the best tea snack I ever had . 

It was pouring cats and dogs but thats how life is in the mountains . Sudden , spontaneous , beautiful and relaxing.  As we chatted up with the owner we realized that we was not an Indian but an Italian who had settled in here since a decade .He teaches yoga at his small home to the locals , grows fresh farm produce in his little garden and every year treks to unknown territories . What's more - he sings and plays guitar .

Meeting people like him make you feel ' live' again . Being modest ,being happy with whatever you have and most importantly being content in life -  are somethings you need to reiterate to yourself. 

May be we may not meet him again but the 1 hour we spent together chatting away with him will be a memory way more special .

So you must be wondering where is Karan - Far from the madding crowd, Triund in , Kangra valley.