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Sunday, November 27, 2016

Lounge Diaries - Part 2

Many of my dear readers messaged /  emailed and connected via my social media channels to complete the missing part of my earlier 'most read monthly ' blogpost : the Lounge Diaries- Part 1.  

Honestly, technology was keeping me busy and hence the delay in sharing Part 2. As I sit in the luxurious American Express proprietary lounge at T3 , I wonder how it feels to fly a plane . Yes , random thoughts and even more complex me. Its a beautiful sight seeing airplanes fly in and out of the sky to the stars and back to the ground .

Eventually , life is also like this . You aim for the stars and then land up back to where you started , the ground . 

You get to meet interesting people when you travel provided you are game to say a hello or a hi to the strangest of people whom you meet. 

I happened to meet an interior designer who was actually scribbling something onto her notebook while I was hand-typing this on my tablet. While she thought I was busy doing some official work , I actually saw her pen down an interesting design of a sea-side villa which caught my eye and hence began a conversation.

While the wait to the flight was a little over 2 hours , we chatted on a number of things -  from demonetization , to the red color of the Starbucks cups , to the art of writing and sharing thoughts to designing something unique for every customer . 

When you are creative it shows.  We talked about TumBin 1 and TumBin 2 and how we miss Jagjit Singh and his soulful voice and we also chatted on the best airline travel credit cards . 

So basically, everything we could think .  It feels nice when you get to talk to someone who doesn't know you and everything is so white , so pure. You feel to be 100% honest , even if this first time is the last time you are meeting ....


Unashamed Girl said...

love your blog!

Karan said...

Thank you for the kind words ( )