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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Little one and her journeys

Time surely moves on . At times during my travels I often wonder we as human beings take breaks or vacations to stop from our daily routines . In a way trying to give time a break . 

Yet , time itself never takes a break . Its always on , always moving irrespective of what one is thinking or doing . It silently keeps on ticking .  Suddenly , you are excited for your long planned vacation making 'plans' on what all to do and then next on a working morning you are actually discussing 'how' the vacation was. 

So many people all across the world , so many life's moving in parallel and in between time just skips heart beats all around us.

I met a small girl ,around 7 in of my 'flight' tours . She was a little cranky but when we started discussing Jungle book her face lit up ; bright and shiny.  You re-look at your childhood and imagine that you were a really nice and 'chup-chap'  kid and yet here she is - all talking , all talking cute filled with innocence and sheer positivity .   We became friends if I can say so and I always have a soft corner for cute and sweet little girls . Its a delight to see them speak , share and above all - get that trust going. 

The flight went superb and even after landing I was already missing her.  That happens when you connect with someone w/t any expectations .  Wow!

I asked her what does she like doing on weekends and the answers which she gave made me like , really am I talking to a kid .  So on Fridays'she learns salsa  , Saturdays she goes for swimming and piano classes and on Sunday ( this one is cool ) she likes to go to her nearby NGO to spend time their with the kids . 

Wonderful ,isn't she and if I am saying so , there has to be merit. 

Journeys , I tell you - they at times just make you see the mirror or switch-off from the life that you are living. 

Time just went by reading it till here , right ..... See, gotcha  !!

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