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Winter Essential - Overcoats & Boots - For him & her

This season in Delhi is a sweet surprise. Sweet , because you get to relish all those interesting winter deserts that are filled with pure ghee and lots of sweetness and surprise , since its actually not the 'real' winters Delhi is used to .

However, not many people realize that winters are also a time to come and walk along your best winter attires . As I sat down in what I call one of Delhi's most hip boutiques in Shahpur Jat of Punit Jasuja, owner of Second Floor Studio I saw a number of people , both males and females wearing one thing which was common , to either sides. 
Men wearing 'over-coats' and Women wearing interesting 'boots'  .
Classic by name, classic by nature – the overcoat’s minimalist construction is timeless. This winter weather essential in heritage fabrics is a timeless style that catches my eye every-time I see it.
Usually you can see shades of camel , black , dark blue overcoats or its cousin trench-coats . There are a close dozen types o…