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Tree of Life

Strange encounters happen with all of us everyday. Yet , at times or mostly we ignore them thinking that these are just once in a blue moon experience .Not really.
Humans have this amazing power of thinking and yet this is perhaps the only power which they often forget to use much to their own benefit. Thinking helps us in more than one ways.First , it gives us time to understand the situation and then see what is the way of working . Second , it gives us time to ensure we become patient and not react thereby keeping a cool hat . Third and this one is important; thinking helps us avoid make / take bad decisions.
Yet , we fail on all the three parameters .A chance encounter with a stranger can actually surprise you in many ways.Something like this happened with me . Aerocity arena which seems to be the new Cyber Cub of sorts is a place where you may see the who’s who of Delhi and if lucky , India .
It has the best of properties and the top chefs at service .This place also boasts of som…