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Monday, August 24, 2015

Out of the blue there I met you - Part 2

People may say I am a nice guy and really sweet but deep down we all know , no one is perfect  . Long back I had made a promise to myself that people who chose to walk away from me or my life once , will never make a come back . Never means never . This may be a bit too harsh but then you have to make some rules for your own good and happiness  .

Remember , in life not everyone deserves a second chance. If someone really cared for you or appreciated the person you are , believe me they would have gone all out to be in the journey or least , to walk along with you.

That's what happened . The person did try to initiate a conversation with me but I had to move on.  Yes, memories and thoughts flashed by , but just flashed and I stepped out .  As I was moving on I did think I should say something but the time gone-by was so big that we were more than strangers now . It was now just one of the many random people you meet in this journey .  I did not ask anything nor did I say . What in any case could I have asked or shared.

All I did was just a smiling " take good care"  liner and I walked on . I could see the person's eyes were filled with a thousand questions and may be more but then you can't depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus. 

As I was walking down to board my flight I saw a mother holding her lovely daughter's tiny hands and the daughter looking up to her and smiling ,thinking she is in safe hands.  Indeed.

Journeys do a lot to you . Besides giving you a jet-lag they may give you  a jet-flash as well . 

Happy journey ,as we say . 


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