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Take time out - Art of Aging Gracefully

My chance discussion with one of my mentors made me thinking that its been a long time ! Indeed a long time.

Often in this fast paced life we forget that there were phases in our life ( good ones ) that we were all a part of at one point in time but no longer . And in this hustle and bustle of life we missed cherishing or revisiting those phases or may be reliving those moments .

Did you know that it was a long time since you passed out of school and those best days in life and the best moments you were a part of are really old and a chapter of the past now !

Did you know its been a a while since you passed out of your graduation when it seemed impossible to clear the semesters or subjects .  Its been a long time , folks.

Did you know that the dream college or dream post graduation degree that you now boast of was also taken sometime back . Its all history now and all in the past.

These were just educational milestones .  Recollect the number of people you met in this journey , some you…