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Decorating - The art of installing

Decorations – The name itself has that ‘good vibe’ you feel yourself immersed into the arena.  I had the privilege of being part of a friends function in a faraway place called – Ranikhet. If you thought the surrounding was the ice pick, for me personally it was the decorations that was done in a painstakingly manner .  And when I say decoration it’s not flowers being arranged or put up on tables like we typically would have thought. It’s much more than that.
The entrance was done in a plain yet mesmerizing way by creating temporary waterfalls with an orange background with small lamps all around.  As soon as you entered you were handed over a flower ( random pick from a host of flower stems ) .The d├ęcor was done in white with a hint of purple and an off and on tinge of pink . Different to see since it may sound a little unusual. The place was overlooking the mountain range and the by the start of the evening the stars had also started coming creating the twinkle in the otherwise blac…