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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Attractive Cosmic Colors

As I was sipping my black coffee by the pool side and the sun setting in , suddenly I saw this server wearing a bright red color attire approaching me . There was a matching scarf to it and the entire walk towards me seemed nothing short of a Bollywood flick.   

She kept the starters on the table and went by.

I was still thinking about – red . Have you ever wondered why we get attracted to colors.  Not only this we have preferences also and we are at times skeptical which one to team up with and which one to avoid on certain occasions.  My pals from the school of occult sciences and color therapy would love to chip in with all sorts of reasons on the why part  -  cosmic vibrations , aura , therapies , karmas and the likes  . 

While I do appreciate the science behind all this but at time I fail to understand why I always pick up an apple when I have the choice of having a banana of a kiwi fruit.  Is it because the red scores over the yellow and green or is it purely due to the medicinal properties that each of these have or is it simple that I prefer red.  I am intrigued by eating an apple than all of these cosmic world logic's.

Not only this . We wear stones of all sorts and sizes and we also believe in charging them since they run out of charge . I am not going to comment on this  . We also buy cars , gadgets and even our clothes on choices than preferences . Yet , when someone comes to us and says that the white looks better than the blue you go back into a thinking mode and the entire reasoning goes for a toss .

I have always believed that there are certain things that suit you and there are many that don’t .  You cannot and should not make the mistake by picking up something just because you like and not necessarily it works for you. It’s not always about the choices or preferences that we make or do but more so about what suits us.

At the end you should like what is given to you and enjoy whatever you have . Believe me, not everyone can carry red well  . As for the server, we are waiting for the desserts and not just red velvet.

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