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Meeting Gone Girl in Kasauli

There are numerous instances that I can quote of so much happening in a single person’s life that it becomes practically impossible to give in your best at all times.
I will take an example/s , not far but of myself. There are certain things which I kept doing / still am doing not necessary having an idea as to why  . Also, they do part of a resolution of sorts for 2015 ( which I am giving a try ) . May be you  too get inspired to pick some or all out of the below buckets .
Over the last couple of weeks I have watched 2 states every time I saw it coming and thinking if this is the way marriages get done in India , I better stay out of this.Gone Girl – This was long pending on my to do list as I wanted to see with someone unique and had to wait for this person to join in. It was a good movie and I would want you to have a look and see and find for yourself.Baby  - I like Akshay’s work and hence it was worth a watch .Taken – Have always loved the series and had to give it a watch wh…