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Temporary is permanent , mostly

I used to think that certain things and people, in particular are permanent in life.  However, like most things and people in life , these also change . Hard thought though !!
During one of my recent travel trips I happen to meet upon an individual or a learner as I would call who actually gave a very beautiful insight as to how temporary and moving is the world and how can we be a little too sure of ensuring we don’t end up in getting caught on the wrong side of this moving flow.
I will take an example. 

During my school days moving classes was a big fun activity.  Every time I moved classes I used to give a long list to my folks – new school bag , new water bottle , new tiffin box , new pencil box ( those days the ‘button wala’ pencil box was in ) and new shoes and new stationary . I used to love them . It was these ‘ new’ things I guess which propelled me to study hard and ensure I get them.
If I were to look back now these were all wasteful expenditures. At that point in time I used …