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Saturday, January 17, 2015

Temporary is permanent , mostly

I used to think that certain things and people, in particular are permanent in life.  However, like most things and people in life , these also change . Hard thought though !!

During one of my recent travel trips I happen to meet upon an individual or a learner as I would call who actually gave a very beautiful insight as to how temporary and moving is the world and how can we be a little too sure of ensuring we don’t end up in getting caught on the wrong side of this moving flow.

I will take an example. 

During my school days moving classes was a big fun activity.  Every time I moved classes I used to give a long list to my folks – new school bag , new water bottle , new tiffin box , new pencil box ( those days the ‘button wala’ pencil box was in ) and new shoes and new stationary . I used to love them . It was these ‘ new’ things I guess which propelled me to study hard and ensure I get them.

If I were to look back now these were all wasteful expenditures. At that point in time I used to love them, may be for a week or two and then they were just a part of the routine.  I no longer cherish such a thought and neither I see myself advocating this in the future.

If you see in this case permanency is a far cry .

Second case in point is of a person . 

This person is someone I knew since my childhood days . We were family friends and became good friends over the time .Eventually, study friends and then engineering friends.  As life was to have a say, this person moved abroad and eventually started a new life there . However, some way or the other we stayed in touch and till date are strongly connected .

If you see in this case we ‘wanted ‘ to be in touch , we ‘cared ‘ for each other and above all we ‘ensured’ that we were in touch .  Permanency , may be a way of looking at this connect .

While you may say the above two are not apple to apple cases but yet have one thing in common.  And that is– ME and what I chose to take forward.

Now let me tell you something a little offbeat. For a name reference sake , lets call this person as Varun whom I met on the travel trip . He shared an important thought provoking experience. This person lost his entire family and his education was almost in woods.  But , like we say if God is harsh to us on certain things , he would be sweet to ensure that our  life does not come to a standstill . Varun worked hard and did odd chores and managed to sail through . And this was just the start . He cleared the UPSC and is now a SDM . 

He could have also been struck through the temporary things in life which happened though it may have caused some permanent damage. Yet , he decided to ensure that these temporary things did not become permanent .

That’s the crux of life.  Ensure we are always moving since life will always balance the positives and negatives that you get . Which one you would want to incline onto will change the course of tide for you.

Same is the case with people and things . Both of them , if they no longer serve any purpose have no place in your life .  Remove them and move ahead .  Recollect the case , when you did not want to do something but still did since you knew this was good for you may be if not today but in the long run for sure. You were hard on yourself that time but this is what you will cherish in times to come.

I know its a tough to understand what I shared but I did try my best to make it simple . Believe me , noone can damage or call the shots for you unless you want them to . People or things.  Live a life that is worth sharing and caring and try to create a temporary difference in someone , permanently for him to take forward.

PS - I was up today on a Saturday morning and was out for a much needed movie break and I honestly like watching - Taken 3 .    Though , 1 was the best followed by 2. Mr.Mills really loves his daughter !!