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Saturday, December 26, 2015

Exclusive Review : The Bestseller She Wrote : Ravi Subramanian

Ravi , besides being an Ex- Citibanker or if I can say just a banker is an inspiration to many of us including fellow bankers like me . Not only in terms of what he has done and achieved but also 'the new' he continues to do everyday .

The team at BlogAdda continues to ensure I get the best of the books and share my thoughts and review them. 

An Insight in Karanz way about the book : The Bestseller She Wrote  which is also in line with Ravi's other books where once you start reading you have no option but to finish it since the story ,the characters keep you so much deep-dived that you have to read it back-back .

The plot revolves around a central theme on how dreams and aspirations can lead to success but anything in excess is always bad for oneself.  It beautifully strings together love , hatred , commitment ,betrayal , friendship , attraction and how at times you need to keep your cool and think not only about yourself but also your immediate circle of family or responsibilities. It also shares some lessons on the world of marketing .

It shares how a single decision can ruin an entire career and happy life and it also throws light that you should never be carried away by material things in life. 

Aditya ( the hero ,if I can call is the central character ) a banker and a writer who lives with his wife Maya and their son Aryan .  Maya , as a character has my backing for all she has done for Aditya and now Aryan and I kind of connect with her all through .

Shreya ( the starry eyed girl who wants to make it big in any which way ) is a IIM-B student who shared her strong views when Aditya comes to his alma matter for a speech. 

The story revolves how when you are at an influential position you can pull strings at your whims and fancy . Shreya gets hired at Aditya's firm and like it was destined Aditya's marriage starts to falls apart as he spends more time with Shreya than Maya and Aryan .

In this process, Shreya who wants to be 'big' ' bestselling'  author makes Aditya part of the process to review the manuscript and also goes all out in ensuring her book is a hot seller . 

The story is more intriguing when you read since I don't want to spoil your thinking time but it moves in unexpected ways all leading to some beautiful conclusions.  Does the marriage of Aditya survive  ?  Will Shreya become an author ?  Has Sanjay ( Aditya's friend done something wrong in hiring Maya ) ? Will Aditya realize his mistake , if any and correct it ? 

I personally liked how Ravi has linked real life people like : Anurag Kashyap & Nirav Sanghavi in the story and it makes it for so much more of depth .

Well , like many of readers know I too write a lot about relationships through this blog and believe me relationships are tough to handle and nurture . One wrong thing and it could bleed forever ...

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