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Saturday, October 10, 2015

The Social Experiment - Kind a failing

It so happens that things which are of our aid actually become things we swear by.  

Take for example  FaceBook , as a platform.  If was initially started as a replacement for hi5 , Orkut of the worlds with a much better interface and a host of features which are more of an engagement  . 

The whole idea was to be in touch , in our busy lives and share moments which define us.

The idea was never to replace a personal conversation, a birthday greeting via a phone or in person or for that matter a break-up publicly by unfriending / blocking someone. 

I am amazed to see myself that we have actually made platforms like these valued more than individuals,emotions or the world in general.

Pictures are shared not with a purpose to capture a moment but to see which one can make a cut and cross and have more number of likes.  A new born baby on a hospital bed suddenly is on a platform like this with people pouring in with comments and likes.  A long good friendship is suddenly cut short because one persons is seen with his / her ex and gets blocked / un-friended and the two are no longer together .

We spend so much of our time on such platforms that we have actually stopped meeting people.  Calling someone and wishing them and having a 2 minute conversation on a special day is too much to ask for.

One would prefer sending a message or a ping or may be a just wall message.

If I ask someone when was the last time you did a good deed may be at your nearest NGO or with people from a slum , high chances are this would draw a blank .  We are not even realizing the amount of time we spent is actually not worth it . Besides straining eyes on flashy screens and randomly clicking on trending pictures, videos or links or liking statuses which have no positive impact . We are just doing what everyone is doing .

A chance conversation with one of the associates who told me that she used to spend more time on social media than with her 3 year old son . When she realized, a hard step was what she could think , was to close her account and disconnect from this entire thing . 

Now , seeing her kid grow is more than anything to her.  We are an independent thinking population . Let's see how good we are at regaining our own self's

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