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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Negative ; Relationships

Have you ever seen a small child holding onto her father tightly while he drives a two wheeler? While the father battles the streets and ensures he drives safe, he however has no one to hold onto but his steering handles.  The child however is unaware of what all the roads bring. 

For her it’s her father’s shirt that she’s holding so tightly without realizing that it’s not the best bet but still she believes so much in that person that she knows no matter what he will take good care of her and ensure she doesn’t fall.

This is a belief which is based on trust and love which is unbiased and ever so pure.  It only grows with time and becomes further stronger.  

Relationships like these are at a different level of build up. They are free from any expectations any preconceived notions and most importantly any hatred or animosity.

The little girl knows that she is safe with this person. She has so much belief and trust that no one can shake this. This also reciprocates in a way that the father knows that this girl holding her tight is her responsibility and he will do everything that it takes to deliver on this commitment.

I am just imagining how easy life would be if we all of us have these qualities no matter what role are we playing.  

Relationships would be so strong that it would be impossible for any element of negativity to ever creep in.  Sadly, the world we live in today or the social world we are all a part of takes less than 30 seconds to spoil a beautiful relationship. 

It can be a single tweet or FaceBook post or a Whatsapp DP and it’s all gone with the wind.That’s how vulnerable we are and also how less trusting we have become.  

There could multiple factors to this but the bottom-line remains we have become so prone to external factors that everyone of us carry a list of wish list of a person or thing and even if one pointer is missed out we go all out against them . Sad !

Wish people could understand that instead of making ours and others life so complex , we should try to make life easier for everyone around us and not just us .


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