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Friday, October 23, 2015

Flying in the air by the light of the moon

Sky Lantern

Lights are always bright . Not sure if some famous motivational artist said so but I believe for sure.  The very sight of beaming and shining lights just changes the aura around you and lightens you up. No wonder , in a country like India even before the Diwali festivities start the pre-festive seasons kicks in.

This is just a run up to the festival of lights . What it also does is it gears people and households to prepare well in advance for the festivities to start. 
And then , suddenly everything is glowing . Light installations to colorful flower arrangement to candles shining bright and a new add-on paper lanterns just make the entire air so very positive .

Floating ?!

Yesterday , I was invite to a private party for Vijaya Dashami  celebrations . While as I kid , purchasing a ‘dhanush ‘ or a ‘talwar’ seemed so much fun , now it’s just good to see Ravana and the crackers cracking with a little less noise and little less pollution . Besides the interesting food and drinks which were on offer , one thing which caught my attention  were the – paper lanterns . 

Also called and known as sky lanterns these are  small hot air balloons made of paper, with an opening at the bottom where a small fire is suspended.  Besides having an array of shapes and designs the colors of the paper are what makes these a beautiful sight . Not to forget the fire within .

River Lantern Festival

I could see people of all age groups jumping with joy , looking high up in the sky as the lanterns flew by.  It was a beautiful sight when suddenly you have 15-20 sky candles or fire balloons all lit up in the air making a beautiful sight. It just made me stand still to see how beautiful and pure such simple things in life can be. 

Aesthetic effect aside these are the moments which one should cherish .
What these also made me think and connect was ,these are also like us  , as humans , people. 

If you have a fire within of doing something big, great it won’t matter what kind of circumstances are around you. Just like the small candle lights out any paper from black to white or colored  the fire will burn and it will illuminate and make the surrounding look so much more interesting.  No matter how bad or tough the circumstances are you have the power to shine and shine on and spread the light around you .

What’s more is that people being people were actually writing ‘wishes’ on the lantern inspired from the famous Pingxi District in New Taipei City of Taiwan which holds an annual Lantern Festival .

Lantern Festival

And like they say , play by the light of the moon . 

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