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Saturday, September 12, 2015

Tree of Life

Strange encounters happen with all of us everyday. Yet , at times or mostly we ignore them thinking that these are just once in a blue moon experience .    Not really.

Humans have this amazing power of thinking and yet this is perhaps the only power which they often forget to use much to their own benefit. 
Thinking helps us in more than one ways.  First , it gives us time to understand the situation and then see what is the way of working . Second , it gives us time to ensure we become patient and not react thereby keeping a cool hat . Third and this one is important; thinking helps us avoid make / take bad decisions.

Yet , we fail on all the three parameters .  A chance encounter with a stranger can actually surprise you in many ways.  Something like this happened with me .
Aerocity arena which seems to be the new Cyber Cub of sorts is a place where you may see the who’s who of Delhi and if lucky , India .

It has the best of properties and the top chefs at service .  This place also boasts of some amazing tea lounges where you can meet and greet and interact with some interesting people .

I happened to meet a renowned yet grounded lyricist sometime back . Never did I realize he was sitting just right next to me reading something which was beyond my comprehension .  And I being I , immediately popped up a quick hello with some warm regards and he with the gentlest of smiles acknowledged the same and we began chatting.

After a short introduction he asked if I liked writing or singing.  I answered may be blushingly, yes and also added a disclaimer that I try but hardly get the time .  Seemingly he said that he writes a close 50 pages everyday no matter where he is , what he does or how hard the day has been .  He ensure he writes even if he is travelling , India or abroad or is in a hotel or at home . This is his way of attaining Nirvana .
In case , if he misses one day he becomes restless and has no other option but to start it the very next day .   He shared an old college hostel story with me which I thought I can recreate and make it more relevant for my readers .

During his college days he met a girl who was very studious and intelligent  . Her study table was surrounded by more books than make-up items . She used to be the one who always had a smile on her face no matter how hard the day was .  People used to wonder what in the world does she do to make her feel so contented everyday .  A hostel life is anything but being happy . There is so much happening all around that being content is the last thing on the mind.

Though this girl had many friends yet she had a side which was not known to most.  As he gradually became connected to her he realized that she did something unique everyday . 
After the classes got over she used to head straight to the lawns and sit under a tree and scribble something in a note book which was guarded .

When she shared with him what she wrote , he was taken aback .  Everyday she used to write the entire day in just a few single words .  If a day was good she would pen down -  happy ,  elated ,  fun , Helped , kid , Esha ( may be her friend’s name ) , dinner, book , puppy   . If the day was full of learning it could be  - unhappy , shy , introvert , tears , mom , literature , class , thinking .

While it was tough to guess or make a story  out of these words yet each word was so powerful and yet so tough to code . This was a daily ritual for her and she used to do this without miss . That’s how he got inspired into writing. Though, time moved on and they were not in touch now yet this incident had an ever lasting impact on him.

Though you must be wondering if these guys had any ‘other ‘ story as well . No . Don’t think too much . Not everyone you meet necessary needs to be in relationship with you or vice-versa . See, not thinking again!? 

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