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Monday, July 13, 2015

Heads up for tails - Shopping made easy for dog owners and pet lovers

In today’s day and age where you have betrayals and revenge as key ingredients for any relationship or linkage , a dog is the best bet . Time and again , this member of the family ( as I would call ) has proved what is selfless service , pure love and care and genuinely 'missing' someone , what is all about .

India , as a landscape may not be one of the biggest or largest market for dog owners for various reasons but I am sure there is a large fan following of dog lovers ( including me ) . 

With the ever growing need of space and ever hard pressed for time , it’s no use having a dog and not being able to take care of this wonderful creature  .  

However, this should not stop you from liking or being with some elements that remind you of someone who is truly a joy to have around.

During one of my recent conversations with some digital leaders at a leading marketing conference I chanced upon the thought and the idea of having an online marketplace which takes care of almost all the needs of dog owners and also has something interesting and amazing in place for dog lovers .

This is where I stumbled upon an equally interesting web marketplace ( )  . The name is cute , I know and if you visit the website you would agree with my thought !

As close as it can get the brains behind this amazing website are folks who are passionate dog lovers and keepers and have a strong understanding on what all goes in having a pet and ensuring you take care of the pet in the best possible way. Right from dog food to accessories to toys and all the way to an impressive range of grooming product , they have it all.

Not only this , they have a separate section for pet lovers like me where they spoil you for choices .  Right from amazing cushion covers with thought provoking quotes to coffee mugs with interesting mug arts and notebooks and bags to magnets they have it all covered. Detailing to the core is an USP that I could easily see and hence all the more good since you get fresh ideas on elements you thought never existed . 

And in line of this ,the team was happy to put together a box of sorts with a beautiful cushion cover  , magnet and a notebook and an amazing coffee mug for me . The entire experience was simply ‘ wow ‘ and when I received the surprise I was amazed to see how well and neatly it was done.

The package was neat , covered really well with all the fine details being plugged in and you would automatically know that the content inside is more than secure .

Next time , when you feel the need or have a pet owner you know , drop them the idea of this amazing website and I am sure you would have done your bit and the rest would be taken care.

Happy petting and shopping !! 

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