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Monday, May 11, 2015

Lemon Girl by Jyoti Arora - Exclusive first hand review

It’s not always that you stumble upon lemons . And these small looking tiny little objects squeeze the hell out of you . More than these I liked the name – Nirvi and interesting weaves of events that unfold and at times are left untold.

The entire book or as I call the story happens at a pace where suddenly you are ahead of time and at times , way being the actual time . The author as tried to describe the character of Nirvi by building it up or linking it around the other characters  which I found rare yet good. The story is not only about love and the complexities surrounding the concept of ‘love’ but also more about how sudden flashes of moments or of certain people can and may put your life out a beaten path .  

Nirvi , may not be the real strong girl who may have done or taken some hard calls in life but its more about how life around her changed her in ways unimaginable . Each chapter or sequences are very well build up and questions us , as readers hard and society we live in at large on the certain set of known and unknown things that exist.

You may not be able to take a call if you stand by Nirvi or not but what you would be able to do is to have an alternate thinking stream and pattern . Remember , life doesn’t treat us the way we want . It’s always the opposite.

I would want to give the entire story out but what i would leave you with a thought as shard by Arsh - When it's time for you to fall in love, even a lemon can become the cause of it .

Take time out and read this interesting piece which encompasses a whole lot of emotions , self restraint and struggled and tangled life and above love – Lemons. 


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Jyoti Arora said...

Hi, thank you very much for the review. I'm really happy to know that you enjoyed the book :)

Karan said...

@Jyoti : Indeed . Made me do all the three and more . Life , as we say !