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Summer break - Binsar & Kausani

Hills :  always have something captivating which keeps coming back for more.  And I over the time having realized the importance of breaks and pauses prefer not wasting a single opportunity and driving straight in those snake roads ( as I call them ) up the hills.

Many of many fellow writers and nature lovers tell me time and again that I should visit Binsar and the re-visit would happen automatically.  This is indeed true !

For me Binsar has always been a sleepy scenic beautiful paradise far way from the city crowds. Situated in the Kumaon region of Uttrakhand its an ideal place to wake up to a charging sun-rise and an ever romantic sun-set. It all happens here.  And if you are a little high on luck you may get to see for yourself the entire Himalayan kitty of mountain peaks - Nanda Devi , Nanda Kot and Chaukhamaba among others. 

Everytime I have visited this place , the clouds have welcomed me  , literally.  They are so close to you that you actually feel rubbing them off or may be fly…