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Saturday, March 28, 2015

Decorating - The art of installing

Decorations – The name itself has that ‘good vibe’ you feel yourself immersed into the arena.  I had the privilege of being part of a friends function in a faraway place called – Ranikhet. If you thought the surrounding was the ice pick, for me personally it was the decorations that was done in a painstakingly manner .  And when I say decoration it’s not flowers being arranged or put up on tables like we typically would have thought. It’s much more than that.

The entrance was done in a plain yet mesmerizing way by creating temporary waterfalls with an orange background with small lamps all around.  As soon as you entered you were handed over a flower ( random pick from a host of flower stems ) .The décor was done in white with a hint of purple and an off and on tinge of pink . Different to see since it may sound a little unusual. The place was overlooking the mountain range and the by the start of the evening the stars had also started coming creating the twinkle in the otherwise black sky .

Everyone was dressed traditionally and it felt a splash of colors all around . The food and the drinks revolved around the central theme of being ‘ saatvik ‘ and hence full of colors and nutrients .

Flower decorations were done in such a manner that you couldn’t help but notice the beauty that radiated from them. It looked so pristine that at one point of time I thought I would do better standing than sitting. 

Functions like these are not only about the décor and the things which enhance it, but also about the people who grace the occasion.  This means that wearing good attire does not necessary mean that one is happy . The good vibe should come from within and should spread out .  

In between all these conversations I stumbled upon an old long lost friend whom I thought I had deleted from my memory base and yet , there the person was standing , looking at me with a thousand questions and yet not wanting any answers .  This is for another day though since memories and flashbacks bring with them a lot of not so wanted items .

Next time you step out for a function or host one take time to breathe in the effort that you are putting or someone else has put in and see what is it that you can do other than just gracing the occasion. 

I got  a chance to attend the recently concluded NDMC palate mini fest and saw two awesome installations by equally talented ladies.  

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