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Friday, February 6, 2015

Delhi Elections - AAP ki BJP aur Congress -

Many a times number of my friends, networks ask me about my views on politics and the current scenario Delhi / India is grappling with.  Not that I am not an avid fan of Indian politics but yes, I do like to read and keep myself updated about the same and yes at times , I know a lot  .

Usually not the one who would want to share this on my personal webpage but thought of sharing some pointers for you to think about. Like they say in politics there is nothing right or wrong.  The sole objective of politics according to me is progress - of the country, the people and yes, the political party leading it.

Will share an interesting incident that happened today with me. As I was driving from home to work at the traffic signal I got greeted by a lady ( mid 30s ) with a huge cut out of Mr.Arvind Kejriwal . She knocked on the window, greeted me with a namaste and said please vote for AAP . I asked her why so and she said he will bring development. 

I told her he got a chance then left the government to which she said he and the party were new and hence. And since the red was turning to green I told her –Ma’am you and Mr.Kejriwal cannot be playing with people’s thinking ,  emotions and most importantly their hard earned money and asking for fresh elections every time at your whims and fancies.  If he was new he should have not started at the first place.  He should have supported BJP and worked together since he believes one person can make a difference and BJP already was the single largest party . The lady just kept smiling and so did I and drove ahead.

Like you all know ,the money spent on elections is public money and by forcing fresh elections in Delhi within a year, they have created pressure on the exchequer and on the public of Delhi  .If you go by morality, the mandate of the public was in favour of BJP last time. AAP should have extended its support to BJP on the basis of issues( since they do issues based politics )  . AAP calls itself an honest party and they joined hands with Congress which they said earlier had increased corruption in the country. This says it all .

Just when I started I saw the famous auto rickshaw of Delhi having a poster of AAP claiming AAP is getting 47 seats and BJP 23 . The first thing which I thought was why and how in the world can you completely scrap a 129 year old party from the race -  the Indian National Congress and claim it will get zero seats and then this is the same party which supported AAP earlier for a government. Politics , for you please.

I agree , INC is staring at yet another rout in just 13 months. The only consolation is the AAP is gaining at their cost, not the BJP. This is the level of competition (in the spirit of staying positive) that has started in Indian politics these days. 

  1.       Not once could I get anyone asking / claiming / bench-marking –  INC gave an education coverage of close XX % to all Delhi people and now BJP or AAP will give them more than XX+ Y % .
  2.      Party Z build XX toilets / XX ( facilities ) for Delhi folks and Party L and M would take a step ahead and get more being built with additional facilities and accessibility.
  3.     Nowhere are we looking at taking forward the good work done by one party by another.
  4.      The entire Delhi elections have now come to just pre poll surveys, celebrity stars and ministerial fire power, allegations and scams and mud rubbing.
  5.     Each and every channel and media can be easily attributed to any one party they are indirectly supporting.
  6.     Party leaders are coming with vision documents to ensure in case they fail to deliver if elected they can always go back and say this was a vision and hence a moving point.
  7.     These leaders are promising the stars for average Delhi people and may be moons for the not so average people.
  8.    In the process of all of this – one thing is for sure. For marketers like me there are ample on ground executions / innovations which all these parties have done. Right from flash mob , booth selfies , 3D holographic speech , radio jingles, press coverage , VC , songs and ring tunes and a heavy marketing budget to push through across print and TV media and a not to forget fashion statement of cough and mufflers and name inked suit lengths.
  9.    Just imagine , if instead of spending so much on this frenzy all the parties and leaders would have invested this money in the welfare of the people of Delhi ,  we would have already got a neat and a positive changed look and couple of things would have got improved in Delhi. 
  10. For running a city or country, one needs focus, precision and sustenance. Issues like corruption cannot be eradicated overnight. Also, at times, there are certain necessary evils required for the functioning of a government.A key insight.

And in all of chaos , this is the capital city we are talking about !

PS- The views are completely personal and may be 100% right or wrong and hence fell free to discuss and debate and share some shining light with me as well . And yes, I am an Indian and a Delhi boy above all and I do care for my city - Delhi.  Let’s work in making it a better city .

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