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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Deleting People , helping yourself

Numbers are very important to us all.  Recently concluded Delhi elections saw the big upswing that these numbers made to the AAP and the other parties.  Not only so , these are the numbers that the Sensex gets tracked on. Ask any sales folk and they will tell you that the only thing they love (hate ) are these numbers . In fact you , me are all born on a certain date which is nothing but number/s .

In our digitally connected world these numbers play a significant role. These numbers can inflate an air of superiority to anyone. A twitter handle which gets a close 10K followers indeed has made it big . So is the case with the LinkedIn account of 500+connections .  Have you ever checked your Facebook friends list . It may be running way beyond the 1000+marks with a close 50+ waiting for your approvals .

Numbers are everywhere.  If you flip the picture these are nothing but people you may know , met or connected , just for the sake of it .

But, what is the benefit of all of this?  Are these changing your life in any case or making any big impact to this world? Are you touching upon lives and changing them for the good? Or these mere a show-off of sorts?  Not really.

Of late, I have started to spend a dedicated one hour every month end (typical of a sales set-up) and track where I am on these numbers.  

I have deleted social media accounts / email accounts related with these that I no longer use or want to use and also have deleted people / friends / connections across the spectrum. Every time I realize, I fail to understand why did add /  get them at the first place ?  Each time I delete, I try hard to recollect what made me add them.  Also, this is a way to review that who exactly these people are and do I really need to be connected to them or vice-versa. 

I make a note of things mentally every time someone connects / pings / pokes / calls / messages me. I also appreciate people who take time out to genuinely stay connected with me. These are the folks I would want to reciprocate and take forward the connect with .
People who are just there as mere spectators are not needed since its nothing more than a tick-mark activity. Why would I want my page / timeline to be flooded with what they are doing. Doesn't make sense to me seriously .

I ensure that I take out time to greet these folks on special occasions for sure. If you think and rethink this entire digital thing had made us spend more time offline and is gradually reducing the time we actually spend in meeting people for real or talking to them on a phone …..

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