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Deleting People , helping yourself

Numbers are very important to us all.  Recently concluded Delhi elections saw the big upswing that these numbers made to the AAP and the other parties.  Not only so , these are the numbers that the Sensex gets tracked on. Ask any sales folk and they will tell you that the only thing they love (hate ) are these numbers . In fact you , me are all born on a certain date which is nothing but number/s .
In our digitally connected world these numbers play a significant role. These numbers can inflate an air of superiority to anyone. A twitter handle which gets a close 10K followers indeed has made it big . So is the case with the LinkedIn account of 500+connections .  Have you ever checked your Facebook friends list . It may be running way beyond the 1000+marks with a close 50+ waiting for your approvals .
Numbers are everywhere.  If you flip the picture these are nothing but people you may know , met or connected , just for the sake of it .
But, what is the benefit of all of this?  Are the…

Meeting Gone Girl in Kasauli

There are numerous instances that I can quote of so much happening in a single person’s life that it becomes practically impossible to give in your best at all times.
I will take an example/s , not far but of myself. There are certain things which I kept doing / still am doing not necessary having an idea as to why  . Also, they do part of a resolution of sorts for 2015 ( which I am giving a try ) . May be you  too get inspired to pick some or all out of the below buckets .
Over the last couple of weeks I have watched 2 states every time I saw it coming and thinking if this is the way marriages get done in India , I better stay out of this.Gone Girl – This was long pending on my to do list as I wanted to see with someone unique and had to wait for this person to join in. It was a good movie and I would want you to have a look and see and find for yourself.Baby  - I like Akshay’s work and hence it was worth a watch .Taken – Have always loved the series and had to give it a watch wh…

Delhi Elections - AAP ki BJP aur Congress -

Many a times number of my friends, networks ask me about my views on politics and the current scenario Delhi / India is grappling with.  Not that I am not an avid fan of Indian politics but yes, I do like to read and keep myself updated about the same and yes at times , I know a lot  .
Usually not the one who would want to share this on my personal webpage but thought of sharing some pointers for you to think about. Like they say in politics there is nothing right or wrong.  The sole objective of politics according to me is progress - of the country, the people and yes, the political party leading it.

Will share an interesting incident that happened today with me. As I was driving from home to work at the traffic signal I got greeted by a lady ( mid 30s ) with a huge cut out of Mr.Arvind Kejriwal . She knocked on the window, greeted me with a namaste and said please vote for AAP . I asked her why so and she said he will bring development. 
I told her he got a chance then left the governm…