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Saturday, January 10, 2015

I Too Had a Love Story

PS :The below read may make you a bit sad or unhappy or experience related feelings.

A chance meeting with Ravinder Singh made me realize how actually in life dreams get shattered, literally.  Why do we miss someone and what happens when that ‘someone’ goes away from you forever. Or , you decide to step away from that ‘someone ‘ forever.

Ravinder met his girlfriend who died in 2007 before they got formally engaged. He adapted his own story into a novel- I Too Had a Love Story  .  Rest is a read and a journey he took on his own.

It’s hard to connect with someone but for the mere mortals that we are and the heart that beats we do get what I call not feelings but ‘connects’ for certain people whom we meet in our life journey . However, the truth, that is always harder is that not every one of them is meant to stay in your life and that’s precisely the reason why we always need to keep in charge of our connects which is our heart.

Over the time and not necessary after reading the book, I have myself realized and concluded that destiny is something you can’t and won’t be able to change. No matter how hard you try. Also, you won’ t have any control on the people you meet in this life , people with whom you connect with or people with  whom you would want to connect. What is meant to be will be and duly given to you. 

To explain, whenever we meet someone we always try to paint a picture of that person. That’s how we work and that’s how the brain and heart works. Over time, due to both sides we connect and start foreseeing something which I call as dreams. Dreams like we all know are nothing but illusions and illusions are only suited to magicians who we are not.  Then why dream ?

Hard to say and even tough to follow . I understand and can relate to this completely  . That’s what is called as self-control and self –realization. Always remember, there will be a time when you will be all alone and like you came to this earth all alone , you will leave this place all alone . So , linking something or someone isn't really going to be of much use . 

What will be important for your life on this planet is how much goodness you spread and how true were you with ALL the people you ever met , you pursued and you connected with .  Believe me , this will help save a lot of bloodbath and make you far more at peace than anything else.

Life teaches you most of its important lessons in a hard way.  The reason is not to test you against them and fail you but to ensure you pass with a twinkle .

Sharing something interesting I came across /read / wrote  / tweaked   ;

Something’s in life never change,
Sometimes in life you don’t find reasons,
Some moments in life aren’t forgotten,
Sometime you lose hope …
When time rolls by you try to forget
What holds you on …
Some people in life are a part of you ,
And when you let them go,
You never lose them .
Because ….
You find them living in you.

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