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Showing posts from March 26, 2014

Monday Morning Melodious

Today , as was still in my dreams at an unknown destination with a known person  , I got a loud beep on my cell . The message was from a dear friend from the US for an upcoming call in the next five minutes.
Still rubbing off my eyes and thinking what could have possibly gone wrong ( the negative human that we all are ) or what possible I could do sitting in India various thoughts started oscillating in my mind.
By the time I could figure out what had happened, the call came in .  And guess what. On the other side there was this friend (for a lack of name and to avoid any further queries )  let’s call this person as -  Riya .   She sung a melodious Aarti which she just learnt and to top it all on the piano.  

What beautiful a sight can be to hear a melodious voice that too an Aarti from far away on an early Monday morning.  I felt like I was in a different air all together . These gestures, random calls without a reason make you feel all alive and kicked about. When people do things wi…