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Sarahan and the divinity all around

"Wohpehlibaar jab hum mile;
haathonmeinhaath jab hum chale;
ho gayayehdildeewana;
hotahaipyaarkyaisnejaana; "

It's a beautiful song. And this was playing on our very own BOSE surround stereo equipped 4x4 as we headed towards an unknown destination.

Busy,I was in the journey. Niki was almost nearing the ninth circle of sleep.Poor Ranbir was trying his level best to make us reach safely.And my dear Rads - was thinking - wow ! It's so beautiful in India. [ These 'Indian gone US' -people I tell you :P ]

A friend called in on my cell.It was close to 12:10 am.

"Hey Karan - what is your plan for the 9th February.Let's attend the wedding".

Everyone woke up.Systems started and it was all afresh. This was only , one half.

And all were after me.

Ranbir - " what the ***** . koibhi phone karegaraatkebarahbaje".Rads - " people's man . Let some people sleep please."Niki -"kyahua .All well na "

It's a proven scientific phenomena that …