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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Wedding Time Out

The Delhi wedding season is on and like it promises every year it adds a dash of elegance , new trends ,  flowing money , fusion cuisines and somewhere in all of this -  two people getting together with a full public view .

I have been privileged to be a participant in these spectacular grandiose events and I must share my thoughts on the same .  Wedding these days have become a once in a lifetime affair.There are two school of thoughts who believe and vouch for their respective says - the first one says and believes in making it a grand affair since you only marry once . The second school of experts believe this is a sheer waste of money and effort and a simple wedding ceremony is the way to go .

Now my view to all of this is two folds . I understand and echo the former bit that this is a once in a lifetime affair . But , is it worth to spends such huge portions of personal wealth on things which would fade away the very next morning . The amount of spending on food , decoration , clothes , jewelry and the array of functions planned can actually make your 'to be wed and to come in times ahead ' children say - "My gosh ! We have so much money !! "  .

The second school of thought is somewhat my way and hence preference.  Simple things are always remembered fondly and this is my personal experience.  Giving away food for the needy , clothes for the street folks goes a long way than spending on a designer wear which may go out of fashion by the next weekend .  Also children nowadays are well matured groomed and have a decent earning power to ensure they have good life ahead . 

These are only thoughts . Now comes some fun part of these big gala events .  I never knew , till I did it myself that doing something crazy may be childish can actually be so much fun. It can be as simple as making a balloon fly up and watch it go high up in the sky . I understand , that this was part of the decoration but letting go of something is also so much fun , isn't it ?

Being and having known either the bride and the groom so well can actually make you burst out all those hidden secrets that they may have forgotten in the era gone by.  

Another key takeaway of all these events is networking . You meet those 'wedding people' as I call only in wedding and everytime you meet them you understand life moves so fast. The elder folks are now more elderly and some can't even walk . The young ones are now in colleges and hooked to their iPhones . The newly married ones last year are now expecting  . Everything and everyone has moved ahead in some way or the other and its fun to see how life transforms every single moments. 

Functions like these make you steal those ' me - time ' or 'time -out ' sessions . You can plan to attend these weddings with your friends / would be spouses ( depending on how serious you both are :P ) . You can also participate by taking ownership on any of the series of events that are planned or for that matter just ensure to be by the side for anything and everything.

One thing I can echo is that these wedding will ensure you feel all charged up . Be the glitters , the shimmers , the dance , the music , the food and in between all of this the chemistry between the bride and the groom - after all , as they say , "abhi toh party shuru hui hai......"  

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