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Sunday, December 15, 2013

My First Liebster Blog Award

What is a Liebster Blog Award?
The Liebster Blog Award was created to recognize and/or discover (new) bloggers. “Liebster” is a German word for sweetest, kindest, nicest, dearest, beloved, lovely, or favorite.
Who Nominated Me?
I was nominated by my fellow blogger Rupesh Malik . I feel grateful that he thought of my blog.
What are the Rules?

1.     Link back the nominator of the award (why not show some love back as well!)
2.     Nominate 10 more bloggers (except the nominator) and inform them
3.     Answer the questions asked by the nominator
4.     Ask 10 questions from those you nominated
5.     Add the award image to your site

Continuing with the custom, Rupesh  also asked me certain questions. Here are their answers:-

Q.1 What is the primary focus of your blog? –

Connect – since I write for a variety of genres across love, relationship, travel , B-school , education , Young India and reviews – its important to connect with people / readers who feel the same , sense the same and hence connect with the same . This also lets my creative writing flow in.

Q.2 What is the story behind your blog’s name? 

My blog’s earlier name was -karansayz inspired by my favourite WWE wrestler – The Rock ( who always says – The rocks says….. ) and hence . Post , I bought a domain name with my own name.

Q.3 What accomplishments are you most proud of?

Everday is a learning day and hence gives us moments to be proud of . Something which stands out is – recently being featured as the kick-starter by Hindustan Times for there series-corporate curry – which features -Gurgaons most talented corporate executives .

Q.4 What inspires you to write? 

My dad ( who is a writer himself ) and life ( which gives us so much to share with everyone ) .

Q.5 Three things you want to do before you die?

Live Life Fullest !

Q.6 Five random facts that most people don’t know about you?

–I like being vocal about things I feel strongly.
–I would love to learn cooking. Somebody needs to teach me though.
–I have a strong sense of reading people ( something which I learned through astrology though I still fail to read some )
–I love to travel to places which are neat , secluded and water all around.
–I hate to wake up early in winters.

Q.7 One thing that annoys you the most?

Liars & people who are ashamed to accept their mistakes.

Q.8 Anything that you would like to change about yourself?

You can’t change or challenge God’s creation. Accept and move-on.

Q.9 An awesome moment that you can never forget?

When I made it to my B-school – Symbiosis Institute of International Business,Pune – SIIB.

Q.10 What is the most insane thing that you have ever done in your life till date?

I try to do insane stuff everyday . Helps keep the child in me happy.The “most” is yet to come.