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Long distance connect and the art of loving !

It happened long back !!
long long back !!
Infact,kaafi time ho gaya.

They say you never love , if you don't meet someone . Face to face. Talk.Share.
But as alwaysthey say. And I find it hard to believe whatever ‘they say’.
This post is unlike other posts . May be yes may be not.
A lot of my readers wanted my side of views on this issue.

And a lot means a lot.

Well, I believe if you don't experience it yourself you really don't have much of a say.

It's like someone keeps on calling you ,desperately, so much, that every time they call they hear the ring. But no one answers it. And after a while, with no options they have to give up. And if the same thing is done to "you" by someone else then only you realize how it feels.
So, I can have my share of views on this one.
Long distance love - well...already has a "long" in probably one of the most common complex phrases I have been hearing time and again.

The world has expanded.So,we have shrinked. With a 3G…