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Nainital and the beauty all around - Ranikhet

Delhiites love for the hills is well known . And I am no different .  Given the Delhi summer heat ,  I thought what better place than head to the valley which has a pear-shaped lake .  For those of you still guessing - Nainital it is.
For most of you already know, I have a special place for hills and water .  Here, you get both . It's a beautiful time to visit this place and since it was my nth visit it always feels new going back . 
Though, over the time it has become more or less like Delhi - crowded, polluted ,more & more vehicles & yes - tourists . After all , Tourism is the most significant segment of the Nainital's economy .
Places like these don't have -sight seeing per se . Given the fact , that the natural beauty of the place , fresh air , simple people  - are the best bet  . Yet , how do we earn money then ? So , create hot-spots around these . All types of points - sunrise to sunset , lovers to peak and lake view to god view - you will find here in abundan…