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Loving your Love

An interesting call came my way yesterday .  A friend said she is flying to the US to marry someone whom she has never met ( its ALL online ) and has no interests in coming to India. Yes , parents knew a zilch on this and the girl , in spite of my heavy head  banging was in no mood to listen to me . Sometimes even I fail .

The second interesting call came from my dear friend who is scheduled to get married to her fiancé of three years  , next week . And this one was a shocker!! He is cancelling the marriage and marring someone whom he met just about 6 months back . Before you get your thinking horses started , the ‘would be girl ‘refused to get married to him since she could feel the pain of the actual girl . The boy shared the same with his fiancé . 

And there is more. The fiancé’s reply was- "Yes ,you should go ahead , because for me your happiness is supreme and even if you get married to me I know you will never be able to love me and stay with me . So it’s far better to be with someone WHOM you love than you not loving someone .

Love is like water
My take ( since I knew all the three ) on the second stance  and the fiancé  ,for me particularly commands nothing but respect and more respect . Believe me , I feel like kicking my friends butt for this but the finance’s stance and revert have left me shaken . How can you let go of someone you love ? Someone you know ? Someone you are about to get married to next week ?  But , in between all of this remember what she said – YOUR happiness is supreme. 

This is called enlightenment . This is true love. A person has seen the future. A person with so pure a heart has actually visualized that she will not be happy and moreover , ‘he’ will not be happy.
We can debate and curse the ‘would be girl ‘ and the guy but the fact of the matter is , the fiancé has actually shared the truth  . She has understood that she herself will not be happy. People can say why were they getting married at the first place or weren't the two in love ?

Love is water. You cannot define it  . There is a fine a layer which separates liking from loving . People often confuse the two . You may like someone and yes its love, at a much lesser level though but no , its not loving .

Love is what you "2" make it

Loving means you love the person in a way you don't love yourself also . Her presence makes you lighten up , sparkling to be more specific and more importantly you know she feels the same . When one is down and low , just be seeing her sitting right next to you can actually make one feel blessed . Love also means that you know the other person has limits and he may not have lived your life . This makes a chance to make him live your life , learn with him and make him to do things you are a master at . It's like saying a child , a new born , is fresh into the world and here is this one person - mother  ,  who pampers him with all the love she has. And more. 

I am still thinking my stand on the above two but believe me there is no right or wrong . At the end there are 2 persons who love each other 100% and more. 

And yes , things will not be the same as ever . But remember moments are something that only two people make special . It doesn't matter even it’s a simple coffee and a Parle –G. Spend time loving these people and making these moments special. This time don’t leave things to chance.
It’s like saying you don’t live life . You live moments with those special someone’s doing sweet nothings.


Interesting song for last month of 2013 - Here it is -


Devina Badhwar said…
Well I guess you could call it 'Self-less love' Very rare indeed!

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