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Long distance connect and the art of loving !

It happened long back !!
long long back !!
Infact,kaafi time ho gaya.

They say you never love , if you don't meet someone . Face to face. Talk.Share.
But as alwaysthey say. And I find it hard to believe whatever ‘they say’.
This post is unlike other posts . May be yes may be not.
A lot of my readers wanted my side of views on this issue.

And a lot means a lot.

Well, I believe if you don't experience it yourself you really don't have much of a say.

It's like someone keeps on calling you ,desperately, so much, that every time they call they hear the ring. But no one answers it. And after a while, with no options they have to give up. And if the same thing is done to "you" by someone else then only you realize how it feels.
So, I can have my share of views on this one.
Long distance love - well...already has a "long" in probably one of the most common complex phrases I have been hearing time and again.

The world has expanded.So,we have shrinked. With a 3G…

Mount St Marys - My school -

10 as a number may not hold much significance for a numerologist because he would add it up and make it 1+0 = 1 . But , still if you ask a young woman in mid 30s she would say she was much younger and energetic 10 years back than now .

Now , that is what I am talking about . A decade . Just imagine the amount of sheer time , moments that went by . Those hours , minutes , seconds . The sun came and went and the stars played hide and seek with the moon .

Your parents grew older and so did you .The neighbourhood kirana shop owner is no more . The park where you used to play is now a road and not to forget the girl whom you liked is actually in the US . You too are not the same . With the lens in your eyes and the tone of your speech , things have changed .

The merits then have become demerits now . The things you used to love back then , you can't even stand now . If you joined school ten years back then today you might just be appearing for your boards.

Time keeps moving . Only momen…

Nainital and the beauty all around - Ranikhet

Delhiites love for the hills is well known . And I am no different .  Given the Delhi summer heat ,  I thought what better place than head to the valley which has a pear-shaped lake .  For those of you still guessing - Nainital it is.
For most of you already know, I have a special place for hills and water .  Here, you get both . It's a beautiful time to visit this place and since it was my nth visit it always feels new going back . 
Though, over the time it has become more or less like Delhi - crowded, polluted ,more & more vehicles & yes - tourists . After all , Tourism is the most significant segment of the Nainital's economy .
Places like these don't have -sight seeing per se . Given the fact , that the natural beauty of the place , fresh air , simple people  - are the best bet  . Yet , how do we earn money then ? So , create hot-spots around these . All types of points - sunrise to sunset , lovers to peak and lake view to god view - you will find here in abundan…

Being an Indian Police Service Officer - an IPS

Everytime I watch movies like  - Sarfarosh , Gangaajal or Sehar , all I want to be, in this life is - an IPS officer. 

You may think its the power and the pride that comes with the post which an IPS officer holds or some of you may say its the sheer status the word IPS reflects upon one. 

The perks like most of us know, is having an unprecedented power, ( used to-be) a lal-batti , a huge team which does ' Jai Hind ' and a whole lot of a new world .

Given, I have had a good fortune to be in a family of friends who are IPS and know and understand from them what is it being an IPS officer most of the above mentioned movies or may be the image we tend paint in our minds is very different from what actually is an IPS officer and what all does s/he undergoes to be one.

I would put my take on this and share with you all my thoughts on how & what is a life of an IPS.

Studying is just a part of it.

The civil services examinations are considered not only the toughest in Indian competitive…