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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Birds , like us , do catch-up

Saying , that I was really busy would make me sound like , as if I am the only "stud" working out here in India .  To be a bit more closer to reality , I was indeed part busy and part lazy .

For the truthful person I am , I thought of sharing an interesting observation and insight might help value-add your day as well .

Often these days , when I wake up and feel the fresh May breeze ( which is unlikely in Delhi , though ) , the sound of the birds chirping and autumn at its peak , its indeed a beautiful watch - only if you wake up a bit early.

So, when talking a walk , out of the many thoughts that cross my mind a very strange one roadblocked my thinking stream . 

Beautiful Bird
 Do birds die ? If they do , then why don't we get to see any of those .There are occasional sites wherein say a cat or an eagle may have killed a bird and when see but I am sure most of us would not have seen a bird ( includes most of them ) die or body of them .

This question was indeed baffling but as always I was sure some answer would be round the corner . So , after my walk and the sun-shine and I went to my mentor and probably the only one I consider high on intellect than me - my mom !

She had the answer . After spending years as a gynaecologist and now as a learner of astrology and a firm reader of holy and spiritual texts she explained this strange thing to me.

Birds as we all know are a form of life . They eat , pray , cry , work in teams , have kids and yes they do die . Like all of us . But , what makes them different is , that they know when is the end time . They know and can sense when God wants them to leave this world . This is a very special power, which not many people know .

When a bird is about to die , they know about this moment , they leave their nests , children , everything and start flying high in the sky  . As they fly and fly up above the body breaks up and gets merged with the sky and the system around it . That is why you never get to see them dead on ground .

Birds , especially pigeons know your past , present and future as well . And whats amazing is they try to tel you. The only issue being that there are , as of rough estimates only four to five people in the world who read and understand the languages of birds . They talk to them , ask them , answer them and connect with them .

I happen to read about one such person based out of Pune , India who happens to know the language of birds . Strange powers , as humans , we get.

So , the next time this thought comes to your mind you know the answer .

As a gesture , try not kill , throw stones , disturb these beautiful creatures .  Do a helping hand . Feed them - water ,  seeds , food or more , make a small bird nest shelter . Even if you don't understand the language they say  - be rest assured they would say a Big Thank You to you for sure.

After all , it nice to catch up on interesting things in life .

Did You know - Citibank India became the first bank to create and link a campaign which comes from the interesting customer insight of - Lets catch up .   What's more - You can now share your catch -up stories at   & win exciting prizes .

Share and make yourself heard .


The Purple Assassin. said...

Good read. :)

Karan said...

Thank you for your kind words . Hope you enjoy reading other posts as well and share your thoughts .Look forward.