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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Mount St Marys - My school -

10 as a number may not hold much significance for a numerologist because he would add it up and make it 1+0 = 1 . But , still if you ask a young woman in mid 30s she would say she was much younger and energetic 10 years back than now .

Now , that is what I am talking about . A decade . Just imagine the amount of sheer time , moments that went by . Those hours , minutes , seconds . The sun came and went and the stars played hide and seek with the moon .

Your parents grew older and so did you .The neighbourhood kirana shop owner is no more . The park where you used to play is now a road and not to forget the girl whom you liked is actually in the US . You too are not the same . With the lens in your eyes and the tone of your speech , things have changed .

The merits then have become demerits now . The things you used to love back then , you can't even stand now . If you joined school ten years back then today you might just be appearing for your boards.

Time keeps moving . Only moments freeze.

This and more went through my mind as I stood in front of my red brick school building . Coming back to school after a decade makes you realise time has indeed slipped away .

Mount St Marys , Delhi

The school roads ,  the various wings , the classrooms , those chart papers on the notice boards , the canteen and the field . ( Old ) teachers who now can't walk and at one point in time made you pee in your pants .  The flowers which you refused to see on parent teacher meeting days , you cant stop glancing now . Wow !  Memories are indeed , hard to forget .

And yes , firsts are always special . 

It was beyond words to meet up with fellow students who studied with you for 13 years . Your seniors , super seniors and grandfather seniors are tied up as one big happy - Marians - family.  Some coming with kids ,  some with grandkids and some newly married . All together under one roof.

I remember , everytime I used to pass ( infact , still ) by my school , I always bow my head to this temple of learning which made me what I am today . The time spent here , the education I received , the superb bunch of friends I made and the ever gentle teachers who made us what we are today .

Thanks , is just too less a word here . You can't repay what you got . But , you can make a difference by living the values you received here ....


PS - I actually visited the school after 11 years :)

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