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Life is Beautiful and so are YOU

Today, as the first drop of sweat came near the eye lash , I realised winters are over and summers have set in . For all those who are in Delhi , it's been a decent winter-spell .There was a time back may be a close decade ago ,  when I was in MSM that I used to love Delhi winters.

Just the entire winter attire - the tie,the shirts ,trousers,sweaters and above all the MSM Blazer . It used be a complete formal corporate look . [ which my "to-date" corporate attire lacks :( :( ] School days were fun & simply awesome.

But , not only time has changed , the "mausam"also. Be it the growing pollution , population or global warming , the winters in Delhi are simply yuk and so tough . Thank god for little mercy on us but it makes me shiver what the not-so good-to-do people do and manage .

I don't usually get time for watching or catching up on my favourite shows these days ,but,somehow whenever I switch the idiot box there are a whole bunch of idiots who are givi…

This is all about the real -Bad Girl

There are two key people in this share - Vinay and Akshara .

This is what happens when time actually flees.I happen to meet Vinay - who is a distance friend and he was in Delhi for a weekend . As always , poor me is running short on time and I thought the maximum I could chat up with him will be half an hour .  So I organised a Coffee with Karan session and we met.

Never did I knew that the half an hour , initially thought session will be way over 6 hours and we will be still left with so much of talking. I am sure you must be willing to know "What" in the world did we spoke about ?!

The answer is - A Girl  -Akshara.

And I can't believe we spoke and spoke and spoke .

I did wanted toshare this with my universeand get in views across the board . This is not something which is new in our system. This is not something which men these days are held responsible for .This is not about a disconnect . This is not just arrogance.This is not about tears.This is more than all this.