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Friday, February 22, 2013

Manglik -The 'mangal' in it !

Normally, I prefer not to poke my nose in when I know something is messy or it is bound to turn ugly. But then , silence is not always the best practice . At times , you need to speak up and voice your opinion . This helps in not only calming your nerves but also  , if you know the subject well , it helps bring about a thinking angle to already disoriented discussion.

Often people come up to me and ask especially parents and our generation next -

  • What is a manglik ?
  • Am I one ?
  • Can't I love / marry someone who is a non-manglik ?
  • What in the world is Anshik-manglik ?

And a thousand more queries , all related to the same theme . Believe me ,people are tense , annoyed , unhappy & in tears at times . Common sense would say that a name which itself has 'mangal' in it , how in the universe can something bad be associated with it. My kudos to such folks and the forward thinking they show .

My readers , friends and extended network know besides doing other stuff I am a keen follower , learner  , not ( never ) a practitioner - of Vedic Astrology . I have learnt this over a long period of time while developing constant learning on observing people , reading people's mind and more importantly connecting with people.   Learner , as I always say .

This thing has come up time and again in my discussions and often I have found half baked knowledge being served / cooked .

So , here is my take.  A bit of numbers ; a bit of thinking.

Manglik Dosha due to Mangal ( Mars ) presence in the above 6 houses in a birth chart
If you see , a birth chart has twelve houses . Mangal dosha ( I would say a combination though ) arises when Mangal ( Mars ) is present in either the first , second , fourth , seventh , eighth or twelfth house.

So, in a nut shell , Mars being present in 6 houses means 50% coverage meaning a close 50% of entire population is likely to be Manglik.

Need I say more. Why would God want to make half of us Manglik . There has to be something good in it . And yet, I find people , all highly educated ones going bonkers over this . What is more pain to see is - People not getting may be  - a good job , married , wanting to go abroad & other reasons and then linking it with the manglik dosha as if it is because of this.

I have my take on this . Since each house represents a part of us , presence of any planet will have effects  . Then , one would need to see what house it is , what lagna , how is the planet placed , what dasha a person is running and sub--divisional charts .

There are only two ends to this - you have a combination ( manglik ) or you don't have one ( non -maglik ) . There is nothing called as Anshik-manglik . Its like saying you have a mouth with a tongue or your don't have one  :)

Over and above this , there are certain planets in strength which can cancel / negate the effect of Mars and neutralise it.

An example in case would be - If in the seventh house of Kanya ( Virgo ) lagna , Venus is placed making it exalted and along with Venus is Mars - a person can marry both manglik and non-manglik folks . Given Venus is the agent ( karak ) of marriage , which the seventh house denotes , it will neutralise mars.

This is a simple take on a not - so complicated world in which we live and more often what we make of it .

Next time,if someone says the above to you , before connecting with me on Twitter or on email or on the blog , do share the above with the person  .

Life is simple. Let's try not to complex it so much that at the end we find impossible to come out of it and stop enjoying it all together !

PS - Please don't send me your horoscopes . I will prefer teaching you and educating you . Also, all those "Kundli" softwares - When in the world did softwares started deciding people's destiny ?! Time to re-think !

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