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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Tying the knot - the other thought - this Valentine day !!

My beautiful niece - Shaira - was playing with me the other day , in a pink wearing apparel with matching pink booties ( thats a new word in my dictionary and a real cute one ) . Looking her best , as always , nothing less than a pink princess straight out of a fairy tale  she requested me that if I can help her tie her pink booties laces which got opened up .

The pink booties - with the laces in place

I must say - kids these days are so cute & simply innocent you just cant say a - NO !

As I was 'tying the knot' , I recalled my childhood days when tying shoelaces was a major task in my life and every morning I used to look up to my parents  ( innocently :) )  to help me tie them . This was the most annoying part of getting ready for school besides waking up at 6 am.

Believe me , it took patience , hard work and regular practice to perfect the art of tying shoelaces . There were times when it used get open during school and I would smartly tuck them inside . Gosh ! Kids , I tell you are so damn creative !

There were times when I always thought to buy shoes which supported no laces . But as Marians ( ) one needs to be polished from head to toe and shoes with laces were a part of  the code of conduct.

My parents used to teach me on weekends for 10 minutes and I used to practice hard enough to get it perfect .  That's when I realised that practice makes perfect but I also admired that perfection is actually nothing but a way of thinking.

As we grow , both in shoe size and brain size we get more refined , more smarter and more interesting . Things that were so tough during puerility seems so simple when you grow up.

During my school days wearing a tie as well ,was also considered as a part of true Marians attire . As most of you know , I love wearing suits with ties as I feel they make a man complete just like a saree makes a woman look perfect .

Tying shoelaces was a level 1 beginners course . Tying a tie is advanced and level 2. It comes with various ways of tying that perfect knot & believe me there will be times when you unknot it a good number of times before you get that perfect crisped look.

Childhood memories actually make you learn a lot . It's now when I look back in time I feel wow , a small thing of a knowing how to tie a shoelace can actually give management lessons in - time , patience , hard work ,focus , at times teamwork and that never giving up spirit of - learning .

Also, the meaning of the same sentence - 'tying the knot ' gets changed with time . Today ,  people ask me when am I 'tying the knot' and it takes sometime to revert that its not a shoelace they are asking but a step in life ahead which denotes a 'long lasting' tie which they refer to .

Tying the knot - the other thought ! I need to get ready & polish my shoes ( thats another fight ) and get moving for another step ahead .

PS - As most you ask me via email , Twitter or comments , sharing a small #astrotip which I think you will find useful .  Big trees should always be planted in the south and in the west of the compound . This will also help unmarried girls get married soon .

Look forward for your thoughts....

Currently #ValentinesHelpline is trending on twitter.  My say -  Make the Divine Your Valentine! Just Be & Know that you are Loved! That's Beloved- #Do read:

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