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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Move on....Time to shift

Shifting or change are more or less the same words with a thin line of differentiation .  Both disturb or so to say challenge the normal course of life . And are at times accompanied by highs and lows .

It could be anything - a change of city due to family movement , change of country due to planetary movements or simply change of house due to a big house in waiting .

It could also be changing your status on FB or updating one on twitter . It can include a positive attitude towards life from tomorrow or a negative outlook towards the perils of staying up late at night.

It all boils down how you take it . Recently , of the many changes that keep on going in the ecosystem around me ; we took a decision to move our home and shift to a place where - we had no choice but to move in. In short - came all the wise words of people who are accustomed to changes ans shifting . Believe me , in today's world shifting and that too shifting homes is a big task .

First of all as Indians we don't want to let go off anything . So we make sure that gift which my mom's aunt gave for me is still intact and is with us till time . Another thing as Indians we all are fond off are - books - .Word of wisdom - we never knew when we were born there would be a day when all of use would have our own library of sorts . One mini truck actually had only my books over the years . Gosh !! I studied so much ..

Then you have the most important component of any home kitchen . This is the place without which you can't do zilch . It's like a sky without a sun and the best part is this is the domain which takes the maximum time to settle down or get up and running.

It's not a easy job and I always wonder and salute our folks in the defence and civil services who move every year from one part of the country to another . It's good to say that you meet different people as you cover distances but shifting every year may be quarter - I am no game for it .

But , can you life in world without change . NO. Change is an inevitable part of our life . It is  bound to happen . Just like the time keeps moving , people move in and out of your life and a person is born and dies and then again takes a rebirth - it's nothing but a change .

On that serious note , happy to hear your views and your shares of changes and movements.

btw - Did you know Citibank India became the first ever bank to host a bloggers meet in Delhi @ Olive Delhi   . Read what our fellow bloggers have to say / share :

Raghav Modi  & Mridula

On that ending note - wishing you all  - Eid Mubarak !


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