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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Special - They are there

How often have you felt really happy from deep inside ?
How many times have you felt saying thank you more than once ?
How fast have you been able to share all your stories with someone ?
How many people have taken the time to care for you ?
How often do you glow when you get gifts from someone you never expected ?

Now , remove the "how" from the above and see if something changes . See if your thoughts wonder a little less and check if your heart beats a bit faster .  Often in our living we seem to miss so many good moments that when we close our eyes and recollect we feel we are all lonely and nobody really cares or loves you.

It's good being negative at times given the fact the positivity may be way to much .However, if only subtracting is what you do then rest assured you will actually never reach the 1 .

People as I always say come and go in and out of our life's . Some do take the time to act and care for you . They do things that you never expected them from . They make you smile in situations when you need it the most . They make you upbeat and all charged up at times that you feel - this the perfect moment . They give you things you always wanted but never had the time to get them on your own . They fill your life and make it worth it . They can give you tears only to make sure that sometime down in time when you look back you cry but with a smile . They make you aware and unaware of not who you are but what you are .

These people are indeed special . They have no name in real life . They exist all around us  .They travel all around us . More importantly they know us .

Value such people when you meet them or even connect with them . Start accepting the fact that some humans are really special . They indeed are really nice and caring . A rare one to find in these times.....

So , next time you have any of the above marks , as I call - grab them ! You will feel - life is worth a living and moments worth a share !

“When you stop expecting people to be perfect, you can like them for who they are.”-Donald Miller


indu chhibber said...

a very good philosophy of life,it can save a lot of heartache & misery.

Mehak said...

what a wonderful post!
came to your blog after a long time and this was great to read. :)

Karan said...

@ Indu - Thanks Indu ! Indeed a sign of freshness.

@ Mehak - Hello . Happy to see you and sharing your thoughts !