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Sunday, February 12, 2012

CumpleaƱos feliz Karan

Often it happens , late at night that when the clock strikes 12 - someone awakes !

Given the same scenario a decade back - people used to sleep well and then wake up to a new day  . The scenario has changed now . People are more concerned to put the blanket aside , log on to the FB walls and see who all are wishing them . Check the beeping mobiles as to who texts and wished and who called in.

I remember a time when birthdays used to be a very hush -hush affair . Mom ; preparing the most amazing dishes in the world with her magic touch ; ordering and designing a cake which every year was different and talked about and very close network of people coming to wish me.

Times as they change and so does the age . People in graduation colleges have a different style of celebrating birthday . They believe in the art of parties . Why in the world people give parties to celebrate their own birthdays I feel to wonder ?!

Splashing cakes all over the face , kicking and licking in the name of bumps it is a different celebration all together. You need to be a part of this to see how it feels.

As one moves ahead ; the scenario further changes . When you join a professional course things become refined . People do come to wish you ; but the outlook is matured and refined . Cakes are eaten and enjoyed . You get hugs and kisses , as case be . :)

On a work front it's purely an internal driven task . You order cake/s ; one for splashing and the other for celebration . This is what we say - life is a full circle . Comes back to the start again.

An important part here is whom you celebrate your birthday with . Given , my personal opinion ; as you grow up you should change the way you grow . I have seen people who take a leave on this special day go to a far from the crowd place and spend time with the poor to help them in any which way they can . And then there are people who take their special someone for a date to some place exotic . People ! Parents are missing ?! Then , some plan a vacation or a holiday get-away to celebrate more than jsut birthdays .

I personally prefer to be very guarded when it comes to celebrations . I don't like being splashed over . Wishing is ok from everyone . And given my intellect I can make out who's is wishing with what motive . I like to spend time praying , visiting a religious place [ if possible ] , being myself and thinking what all has changed over the time and who all are still with me . It's more of a reflection in me as to what I have done every year to make me wait for the next one. It also is thought that time is near and the chance to spread the joy and make people love you goes passing every clock tick.

The idea of someone special calling you from across seven seas indeed makes you smile . More, when your class fourth teacher calls you and says - you were the best and the most disciplined of the lot - makes one feel - wow.

So wherever you are I am sure there must be times when you thought why birthdays ? At times one doesn't needs them and one is happy by keeping them secretive .